The Republic of Vinyata

A nation of honor, codes and caste

The Republic of Vinyata is comprised of the 16 nodes that form The Web, and a few outside civilizations.


Desert Structure

The Republic of Vinyata is essentially a formal republic formed of the sixteen megacities that make up the marvel known as The Web. These domed cities are connected via a series of high-speed lightrails. Each city holds its own elections to appoint an Image, a representative that will speak on their city's behalf. The sixteen Images together are called The Council of Syujin, and they oversee The Web and general maintenance of the kingdom. The council meetings are open to the public. All councilors follow a series of teachings known as The Way of Masangi. While the bulk of the population and the entirety of its government is within The Web, the Republic still rules over the vast desert land.


The nation is largely made up of The Dracon, and it was originally formed as a way for the often-misunderstood culture to band together. Created by the world-saving dragon, Ryuujin, the Dracon have never truly been forgiven for their creator's origins. Though Ryuujin never asked to be created, he still was loathed until the day he disappeared from vision. No matter how much good he did, his existence was forever linked with The Withering King, Xavian. The central region where The Web was constructed is said to be where Ryuujin rested after the war for Tikor was over and his brethren were imprisoned. This is where he laid his weary head and where he decided to plant his mark. He saw the other deities creating their own children, humans, and spreading their word across the land, and decided to do the same. His humans would be called the Dracon, which unlike other humans, often display dragon-like features.

I love working at the DOME entry gate at Ishward. You can always tell what assumptions they had before arriving. A domed city in the desert? For some, it sounds like a feat of fancy, until they see it. Then? Well, then they want to move here.
— Ishward Customs Worker


The Great Betrayer

Ryuujin, the progenitor of the Dracon and founder of Vinyata, was originally one the feared Wretched Ones, the group of kidnapped elementals twisted into horrifying primal dragons. After being reborn from the wreckage of Adume, the dark god Xavian the Corrupter set them upon Tikor. They were sent on a mission of pure destruction and terror. However, Ryuujin was an earth elemental before Xavian had spirited them away, and his return to Tikor set something off in his soul that the others didn't carry. His birth from the soil itself as an elemental was a feeling and memory so strong that it broke the hold Xavian had. Ryuujin's mind and will came flooding back shortly after returning, and he was able to regain his moral footing before the great wyrm could soil his soul.

Ryuujin's Children

The Dracon are the only race of humans to be crafted from a Dragon, thus making them unique even among the other fantastical inhabitants of Tikor. The thing that differentiates them the most at first glance is often their dragon-like features. Some may manifest scales in spots, or elongated teeth, or claw-like fingertips. Nothing so outrageous as to interfere with normal life or require unique accommodations, but these traits are noticeable to foreigners in most cases. In the same vein as their forefather, the Dracon are a culture of respect, order, and dedication to internal perfection. Their creator left behind a series of teachings for his children. The Way of Masangi is a collection of guides and teachings meant to bring the folk back to the earth. While not officially a state religion, its teachings are considered wise and universally applicable, and it is mandatory reading material in both grade school and at collegiate levels.



Council Election

When the Republic was founded, it was agreed that all the nodes would have an equal say. The Way of Masangi has a section where it talks about the importance of equal representation, as well as each person's duty to be involved with society. A representative from each Node is elected to become the Image. This role is so named because the person elected serves as an "image" of the values, culture, and the role the node has in The Web. Voting for Images is done via a node-wide casting system. Each citizen casts their vote for Image, which is then weighted based on their caste and education level. While there are few members of each ascending caste, their votes carry more weight. The idea behind this is that the more educated voters would have their voice weighed more than an average worker who might focus less on the big-picture issues at play. This system has oft been criticized by foreigners, but it's shown to be a reliable system that other smaller territories have copied.

Capital Move

In the center of the technological marvel known as The Web, lies its centerpiece, the capital city of Ishward. The city holds the title of being first in the land, and the center point for The Web itself. It comes as no surprise that most of the nation's major business run through its streets. The divine protectors of Vinyata, The Four Pillars of Ryuujin, also call the enormous domed capital city home. The large downtown area is centered around the Council of Syuujin and the infrastructure around it. The Council of Syuujin is where each of the sixteen images confer, having come to Ishward from their node after their election. It's there that the lawmakers decide on policy and lobby whatever needs their node may have. While there is no head for the council or republic, one of The Four Pillars always sits in on council meetings to act as a mediator, moderator, and/or tiebreaker.

It's not that Father left. It's that their work was finished. The Dracon had life, and he gave them a Way. Follow that and you follow his path. Eventually, that path will lead you back to them.
— Seiryu, the Azure Dragon
During a speech at the Council of Syuujin


Forest Dispute

There was a time when the Dracon lived in the green woods of Garuda. That quickly came to an end as the wounds from The Wretched One's destruction failed to heal. Steadily over time, relations would continue to break down as the unified Divine Order of the Phoenix began to push them out. While the Republic of Vinyata was formed at the start of the Divine Age, like so many others, it wasn't until 250 D.A that almost the entirety of the Dracon would flee the north. Much to the chagrin of the Divine Order, the Republic has continued to grow as Dracon have continued to make the desert area work for them.

The End of the Era

Relations finally came to an end during the grim events of The Longest Night. The war would see the destruction of The Eastern Node, an intense overnight war with Garuda followed by a massive loss of forces during the mysterious explosion at the end. The Genesis Explosion would decimate both forces, with the cause still unknown. It was the nation of Hawklore that would step in to play a moderator for peace, helping to broker a treaty between the two sides. Now, five years into the new era the desert kingdom is once again thriving. Many are beginning to wonder if it's time to do something many think impossible: rebuild the ruined Eastern Node.


1 Pillar 4 Oversight of all organizations under the Republic.
General counsel as well as figureheads.
2 Image
12 Represents their node's interests to the Republic.
Oversees department(s) under their purview.
YES 10 Years with a bi-annual review.
3 Emirr 12 Governs the day-to-day functions of the Node.
Generally the highest position of power the average person will come in contact with.
YES 4 Years, maximum of 4 terms
4 Risa 10 Governs the day-to-day functions of an outpost or any settlement outside of The Web. NO INDEFINITE


Ryujiin, the one main divine entity that created their nation and gives them strength.   His four children became Spirit Pillars, also known as the Four Generals of Ryuujin.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Vinyata has an eternal fued with the Garuda and The Divine Order of the Phoenix.

Republic of Vinyata portrait
DOME at night by Sabina Lewis/Swordsfall Studios

The night sky is spectacular

Vinyata Flag
Republic of Vinyata Official Flag



The Dracon 75%
The Wanderers 12%
Lucomi 5%
Other 8%
Founding Date
1 D.A
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
Vinyata is run by a republic populated primarily with Dracon. The Web is ruled by a group of 16 node leaders dubbed the Council of Syujin. The Council is elected on a weighted vote system. Those of higher positions and education are able to cast more votes. This acts as an incentive for people to grow and become more educated.
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Each town utilizes traditional methods of barter. There is no real currency, though the use of Soj’s is widespread. These are basically personalized I.O.U’s with a family name and crest on it, allowing the value of an exchange to be redeemed at a later time. These are taken very seriously, and if you are found to be violating your agreement the town has the right to throw you out because you are threatening their way of life.

The Republic of Vinyata reveres The Four Pillars of Ryuu'jin

Non-Aggressive Pact


The two are currently under a peace treaty.

Articles under The Republic of Vinyata

Cover image: The Web of Vinyata by Sabina Lewis/Swordsfall Studios

The Divine Age

2000 D.A 1 D.A

The Golden Age of expansion across Tikor as cultures around the world flourished.

After Reckoning

1 A.R and beyond

The Current Era of turmoil as humans and deities struggle with the new balance of power


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