The Lucomi

Children of the Land

The Lucomi are said to have been born from their Divine Entity, Odu ~Father of Creation.




Origin Story

The tale passed down over the eons is that the great father grew tired of his journey's through the cosmos. He had reached the time where he longed for more. Eventually, his travels brought him to a new planet ripe with opportunities and fertile material.



For Odu ~Father of Creation had decided to create life. He did so in the form of his chosen, the Orisha. Even though Odu ~Father of Creation is created with the creation of the Lucomi , its actually more accurate to say, it is Lokun ~ The Mother of Life who created the Lucomi. As the oral stories of the Lucomi say, it is from the waters of Lokun that gave them life.


Holy City of Efai

Their holy city, Efai was lost to them eons ago. As a right of passage to adulthood, every Lucomi ventures from their lands in the southern Outskirts to connect with Odu. Those that survive the trails come back with a tiny piece of knowledge to help the Lucomi find their home.



The Lucomi have settled into the outskirts of Vinyata


Shared customary codes and values

"Snakes are easily killed one by one because of their failure to operate as a group"

Coming of Age Rites

A spiritual Journey through the Outskirts of Vinyata in search of Odu ~Father of Creation 's voice

Major organizations

The Orisha Nation of Lucomi


Lucomi Oracle

Encompassed species
Significant presence in

Cover image: Nzuri by Karol Bak


Author's Notes

With the Lucomi I wanted to go for more of an "earth" based group of humans. I borrowed heavily from the Yoruba myths and traditions. Once you start reading about them you realize how many of their customs have drifted around the world. What was interesting to me the most is the strong sense of family and cohesiveness in their tales. I felt that would work perfectly for a powerful race who doesn't want to conquer, they just want to find their way home. -BD

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