The Insurrection of Faith

When it all must end

A few centuries ago, the Divinity of Wisdom, Mime, would deliver a chilling prophecy of Garuda’s demise.




The Prophet

For those that call the green lands of Garuda home, The Divinity are more than just deities of the land. They are the first children of Garuyda, who also created humans, making The Divinity almost like family. So when the deities of Garuda speak, it’s more than just words from gods, it’s from kin. This relationship is exemplified in the deity Mime. Her ability to see a situation and deconstruct a solution was unparalleled, even amongst the divine. So when the deity handed down prophecies early during the Divine Wars, all Garudians paid heed. The glimpses into the past started off fairly innocuously with warnings of natural disasters and other surprise phenomena. However, it would be one prophecy told during this tumultuous period of history that continued to worry the northerners, The Insurrection of Faith.


No More Faith

Mime's prophecies often varied in scope and size, varying from a few short sentences to a short sermon. Her style was never a problem though as no matter the length, the message was clear. So when Mime paused during her usual prayer service, the attending patrons eagerly waited for the eerie words of prophecy to come. When the deity finally spoke, her message stunned everyone in attendance. What they learned next was something that no one had been prepared to hear. The Divinity of Wisdom told the parishioners a dark entity would one day launch an assault on Garuda, stealing from them all the things they held most dear. The mysterious enemy would launch a war on the northern country in an effort to destroy the gods themselves.

This was the first time a deity had given an apocalyptic reading, and for it to come from one of such wisdom made the warning unignorable. A few surviving stories from that time even suggest that Mime herself was taken aback by her spontaneous and ominous prophecy. All the more highlighting the odd yet serious nature of it all.

It has come to consume all you know and love. Into the lands of the Phoenix, it comes, devouring your beacons of faith. Heed the day when man no longer abides the cycle, when the wheel is stopped in an effort to abduct its course. The cries of the slain fall silent as they fuel the break.
— Divinity Mime
"The Insurrection of Faith"

A Hidden Meaning

After the prophecy was given, a tireless amount of research began to go into understanding what could be at the core of the prediction. The initial interpretation of the prophecy was that it had to be related to the sealed dragons, The Wretched Ones. Other’s suggested that it was perhaps a sign that The Dracon and The Republic of Vinyata would finally launch an oft-feared takeover of the fertile lands. Of course, Xavian and his damned ilk, the Raksha, serves as an omnipresent threat to the very souls of humanity and the integrity of The Divine Order of the Phoenix . The deity herself, Mime, steadily refused to clarify the prophecy either, avoiding any questions about it all the way until her death. Her stance on her visions was simple, they were what they were and any further explanation would simple get further away from that. While Mime never named the prophecy herself, the public eventually named it. The name, Insurrection of Faith was the one that stuck, an ode to the existential threat the prophecy suggested.


Death’s Door

The debate on the meaning of the so-called Insurrection of Faith would hit a fever pitch after Mime was assassinated at the end of the era. Some questioned as to if the fate Mime saw was but her own, an eerie Death Vision. While Divination can sometimes be problematic for low skilled Hekan users, it's commonly believed that a god should more than powerful enough to avoid such a mistake. If the death of the prophet herself wasn’t the intended goal, however, what greater threat could await the North? Some non-believers whisper that if the Divine themselves cannot circumvent their own death, then what hope does humanity have?



The Divinity of Wisdom, Mime, would give a shocking prophecy one. Garuda would be attacked from dubious outsiders in an attempt to kill their deities and clam it all for themselves.


The news of the apologetic message spread like wildfire around the land. It was the sort of the thing that does not happen often, for some it would be their first and only in their lifetime. The news of the wisdom god having an apocalyptic vision only made it spread farther.

Cultural Reception

The Karu

Among the cultures of the The Divine Order of the Phoenix, The Karu have taken the prophecy most seriously. Their reverence for their deities always causes the group to take their prophecies and predictions extremely seriously.


The Dracon

In the Southern Hemisphere of Tikor, The Dracon, however, see the ancient prophecy as something more. Given the long last hostility between the two civilizations, many Dracon think its just an excuse to wage war on the desert nation. While this is generally not true, there's no denying that more Northern than ever were willing to go to war over the vague prediction.


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6 Dec, 2018 10:52

Stellar writing, as always <3   So what happens when a god is slain? As I understand it, they aren't really metaphysical manifestations with domains they embody or maintain, but is there any other sort of consequence? Like a spiritual poisoning of the area where Mime was slain?   Is the prophecy still an active issue? Do people think it ended with Mime's death, or do they think something worse will happen?   You mention "Some non-believers whisper that if the Divine themselves cannot circumvent their own death, then what hope does humanity have?" - has this caused anything like a crisis of faith? Hedonistic/nihilistic cults or what have you?   Keep on being awesome :)

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6 Dec, 2018 14:57

Every time i read about this world I'm drawn in and this no exception. I even find myself recognizing terms and connecting dots from past articles and that's just good worldbuilding. The prophecy itself also intrigues me, although did u meant apocalyptic in the first sentence of the summery, rather than apologetic? Regardless its really interesting and I'm curious why Mime didn't do much about it...several theories abound lol

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6 Dec, 2018 15:34

I really LOVE how you put everything together, although I still have some questions upon reading. How does this religion work? Does everyone subscribe to this religion in the country? Are religious conflicts common? Has anyone attempted to profit off of these oracular predictions?

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