The Independent Freeland of Teslan

A Single Island Devoted to Azurean

On an island in The Grand Divide lies a Freeland dedicated to understanding the secrets of Ether.




Island Nation

The Independent Freeland of Teslan, or simply Teslan as its commonly referred to, is home to the largest society of Crystal Priest in the world. Led by the Head Priestess, Yamoja, they are responsible for a majority of the study around Azurean and Ether. Founded by the first Crystal Priest Xan'dar Teslan, the independent organization claims neutrality from most global conflicts.


Druse Academy

All Crystal Priests on Teslan are trained through the institute, the Druse Academy. It's here that fledgling priests from around the world come to hone their abilities. For some, this is a chance to expand their minds, for others its a way to train their unpredictable abilities.

As long as we look at Azurean as Gateways to power than we, The Keys, must stay independent and true.
— Xan'dar Teslan
Excerpt from the Founding Speech of Druse Academy


Inner Circle

The governing body of the Academy and essentially the island nation is the Inner Circle, a collection of Crystal Priests who have dedicated there lives to the study of Azurean, Ether and Hekan Arts. The small and exclusive circle contains some of the most knowledgeable and powerful Crystal Priests alive.


Living Shields

The school is able to maintain its independence through a mix of its relatively remote location on The Grand Divide as well as some unique solutions. Teslan is home to the only Azurean crafted barrier system. This shield keeps away the majority of would-be invaders and thieves. Most uniquely though are the Sentrylocks that serve as protectors to the scholarly Priests. Through the use of Sigil tattoes, they put their very bodies on the line for Teslan.


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