The Independent Freeland of Teslan

The Independent Freeland of Teslan, or just Teslan as commonly referred to, is home to the largest society of Crystal Priest in the world. Led by the Master Priestess, Yamoja, they are responsible for a majority of study around Azurean.   All priest are raised on the island by the Inner Circle, a collection of crystal priest from around the world who have turned their back on the traditional ways of gathering and using azurean.   Protected by a shield crafted from Azure and Sentry Priest. Mainly to guard against raids from Grim Nest.   Its location allows it to avoid much of the radical weather of the Great Divide.   Along with The Isle, chooses to remain neutral in all conflicts, especially as related to Garuda and Vinyata.

Location under
The Grand Divide
Included Organizations
Druse Academy
Inner Circle
Characters in Location
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