The Grand Divide

Tumptous waves, relenting winds make this a rough journey


The Grand Divide is the one single body of water on Tikor. Despite it being one body, each part has its own unique weather patterns. This makes travel throughout the Divide a treacherous journey for any who go ill prepared. Water currents can change at odd spots as the waters churn between the two halves of land and then out into the open area. Despite this, there are a number of livable islands dotting its waters. The Independent Freeland of Teslan is the only one of size and population count large enough to be charted. But researchers estimate there to be anywhere from 50 to 100 smaller islands with human population on it.


The only piece of land that keeps the two halves of Tikor from drifting apart is The Isle. The Isle sits at a strange nexus of holding the world together while keeping Garuda and Vinyata apart. Residents of the Isle have traditionally avoided picking a side in any large-scale engagement. This has garnered it a reputation as a middle ground from much of the world. If Grimnest is where the pirates and thieves go, the Isle is where politicians and merchants go. While many take this distinction as favorable towards the Isle, dealing with shadowy agents from the latter group carries much of the same risk.

Grand Divide Mystery Island



The other independent country on the Divide is The Independent Freeland of Teslan , a country devoted to the development of Crystal Priests. Located just on the other side of coastal waters from Grimnest , Teslan is a university and dorm for its pupils. While the ability to interact with Azurean is a semi-rare mutation, it ultimately needs to be trained to be used practically. In some cases, children with this ability need to be taught early on as it can seriously interfere with the devices that depend on Azurean. To ensure safety against more adventurous pirates, Teslan has an omnipresent shield made from azurean powered Shield Generators and a line of Sentry Priest. A free haven to only Crystal Priests and those with the gene necessary to join, all other's are ushered away with extreme prejudice.


Sailors say it's the spot where various swirling waters of the Divide come together. Some more spiritual say it's the source of all the negative Etherforce flowing from a hole in Beneath It All . From afar an ominously dark spiral of clouds can be seen circling what some say looks like a beam of light. Others disagree and say it's just rays of sunshine through the eye of a behemoth hurricane locked in place by the crossing winds and waters. Either way, whatever it is, fierce electric storms and whirlpools of acidic liquid azurite, keep most adventurer's from getting close. Those who have tried to find out whats at the core of the Dark Spiral have never returned to tell their tale.


  • Fierce Winds
  • Rapidly moving currents

  • Electric Storms
  • Sea Monsters

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Grand Divide Portrait
"Red at night? Sailors delight. Red in morning? Sailors be warning!"
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