The Eastern Node

Once a booming cultural hub, now ghastly ruins

A once bustling cultural coastal city, The Eastern Node was destroyed during The Day of Reckoning.


City by the Sea

The Eastern Node was a rising coastal city on the brink of an economic boom. While some described it as a port town, the Eastern Node was not actually on the ocean itself. It sat a few miles inland from the eastern shores of the continent but could still be seen from the sea itself. Thus its reputation as a port city, despite its location. While apart of the The Republic of Vinyata , the Eastern Node was a bit different than the rest of the nation. Its position being closer to the outskirts and ocean than the heart of the nation, brought out more of the free spirit in The Dracon. The coastal city supported a citizens trade market and barely enforced the rigid caste system.


A Little Different

Over time, the city became a leader in culture and trade for Southern Tikor. The relative reprieve from The Way of Masangi's more stern opinions meant that the Eastern Node became a hub for the new and different. Numerous art styles, music trends, and styles of dress came from this eastern city. Nothing was too strange or off-brand for the Eastern Node. Public opinion would decide if a new style was chic or uncanny. While cultural trends happen across Vinyata as a whole, the Eastern Node's proximity to the sea made it a center point for foreigners and trade. With the rest of the Republic being more inland, this often made the eastern city the focal point for new trade and economic growth. In some ways, it also acted as a buffer for visitors to adjust to the weather and customs of the Dracon.


Webbed Ceiling

One of the most striking features about the eastern city is The Web . For many foreigners, it's their first time seeing anything like it. Like all major cities in Vinyata, the Eastern Node is wrapped in an enormous protective dome. This serves as one part climate control and two parts protection from the elements. The central part of Vinyata is ripe with sharp sand infused winds, dust storms and more. The Web stands as a crowning example of the Dracon craftsmanship and ingenuity. With the rest of the connected nodes of The Web lying more toward the center, the Eastern Node is the farthest coastal example of it. Many visitors have been awestruck at the gigantic dome that only seems to grow larger as you draw forth.



With the Eastern Node serving as one of the primary intake cities for Azurean into Vinyata, the city was always heading for a boom. A recent embrace in the rare mixing of azureweaving and forgewhispering put the city on the map. People are already awash with wishers of the next potential, Lyano Latimer being born right there in the eastern metropolis. With Latimer Drive a common part of life, especially in technologically developed parts of Vinyata , the thought of a new renaissance had many communities on the lookout. Forgewhispers have become a bit of a specialty in Vinyata over the last few centuries and the Eastern Node had a philosophy of fusion. The early signs are already promising, with the Vinyatian sea city landing on the top of traders list of places to go.

The Eastern Node midbanner


Stray Bomb

The Eastern Node was destroyed during the Day of Reckoning on the what would be the last day of the Era, 2000 D.A. The circumstances of what happened are a little muddled. The The Council of Syujin details that there was what appeared to be a pair of missiles heading toward the capital, Ishward and the Eastern Node. Given the capital and its position of power in the Republic, no additional missile defenses were sent over the eastern city. The assumption being that the Eastern Node could essentially take care of itself. However, the defense systems on the Eastern Node did not fully activate, and an etherbomb hit the dome. The dome was critically punctured and wash of deadly ether fire rained down onto the city. Exact casualties are unclear to this day, but rough estimates are around 1,000,000 people lost their life in the combination of dome collapse, catastrophic fires, and unprepared exposure to the elements. The council faced a severe backlash over its decisions on The Day of Reckoning. A number of members would lose their spots in the following election.


The Twisted

There has been much talk as to what to do with the Eastern Node. Many want to reconstruct the once booming cultural hub. It's proximity to the sea is still vital, and a haunting reminder of a war that nobody won isn't good for national morale. The entire city had to be evacuated and the dome collapsed, as the fires took several days to get under control. The damage caused by the ether fires was extensive and hazardous for a short time. The health department invoked a mandatory year-long entry ban on the city to give time for the noxious and dangerous fumes to dissipate. When they finally released the seals a year later, they expected dust at best, and some residual fumes at worse. However, it became clear that during that time, something had happened. Strange creatures have been spotted outside of the city ruins, and vengeful spirits have been seen within. The etherbomb did more than just scare the city, it left a mark that's attracting things unnatural.


Before its destruction, The Eastern Node had a style unlike anything in Vinyata. The styles of Dracon's past were in full display, but all with their own modern twist. The classic sloping shaped buildings were accentuated with sharp turns and outrageous colors. The building style always seemed to run a line between being an homage and a travesty. A testament to the daring spirit that permeated the city.


The Eastern Node was established at around 300 D.A, as a means to intake fish from the sea. At the time, the eastern shore itself was too dangerous to be built upon. Large azurean deposits along the shore made it a hazard place to establish a colony, so they moved a bit inland. Much discussion has gone around the economic community as to whether this was a boon or hindrance for the nation. Its eventual status as a cultural hub was one born out of an accident, not planning.


While fish is a marketable commodity, there's no substituting what a brain outside of one's culture can spawn. And traders from Grimnest , Garuda , Hawklore and Ramnos , all made for strange yet interesting items to trade. It's possible that if it was not inland, then some trades may not have taken it seriously has a potential cultural hub.

Cover image: The Dome by Andreas Rocha


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