The Divinity

The Divine Gods of Garuda

The Divinity are the ruling class of Garuda's deities and the patron gods of The Divine Order of the Phoenix.



When the The Karu first settled into the dense forestry that would later become Garuda, the land was not kind to them. Their deities worshipped reflect the hardships of the land and give a sense of the struggles the area may bring. Water deities are more prevalent as you approach the coast, while the thick western mountain range bears the bulk of earth and fortune deities. The large landmass that makes up Garuda has allowed the various deities to have their own territory. The Karu believe in a bond between themselves and the land, despite the trouble it may give them. While other nations may clear a forest to develop, the Karu always find interesting ways to blend with the scenery. Though they have been known to perform a small big of deforestation when the absolute need arises.


Flesh of my Flesh

The deities of Garuda tend to be overwhelmingly humanoid in appearance, while there are also numerous animal and spirit deities, most tend to be human. They are unmistakenly deities though, with some sense of their power leaking through their human visage. This manifests in anything from glowing eyes to glowing limbs. The total number of deities residing in Garuda is currently unknown, however, some scholars estimate that upwards of over 100 are scattered throughout the country. This vague number is partially due to the treacherous terrain on the western and eastern outskirts of Garuda. It's not uncommon for individual villages to have their own local deity responsible for its safety. These gods often never leave the confine of the village and thus remains unknown to the bulk of the land.


Installed in Society

Some deities, however, are known across the nation, largely due to the size of their role in day to day life. The deity of fertility, Ravata is known as far The Isle due to her public nature. She's known for her public trips across the land, blessing and sanctifying even the smallest settlement.

Deities of Garuda are frequently referred to as The Divine, or Divinity used as a proper title. This is especially common with people close the major deities or when addressing one of The Divinity specifically.
— --Garuda Travel Guide



Another hallmark of the more known deities are the enormous and grand shrines that have been erected to celebrate them over the eons. The original Karu settlers were celebrated and renowned architects. The tributes to their deities are often considered the greatest works of arts in Garuda. Each of the major cities in Garuda corresponds to the deity they center around and much of the art influence shows. The sharp pointed edges that surround the Mime's city is indicative of her own aesthetics. With much of the major architecture having already been established, however, this leads newer builders to match the style rather than invent something new.

Divinity Midbanner
Faceoff by Kevin Hou


The Divinity

Over the course of time, a group of powerful human deities would eventually become known as The Divinity. This was the coalition of some of the more powerful and influential deities at that point in time. They had come to a mutual understanding that cooperation was needed for the land of their mother, Garuda, to thrive. Together they chose certain blessed Karu to build a nation. This would eventually become what we know as The Divine Order of the Phoenix, with the Zencora clan leading as the last surviving bloodline from the original blessed.


Death in the Family

At what would be the end of the Era, one of the original members of The Divinity was assassinated. Mime, the wisdom deity, was assassinated on the morning of what is known as The Day of Reckoning. Her death was the spark that ignited the war that would end of the Divine Age and lead the world into a new more uncertain era. In the years since her death, The Divinity have become more closed off than ever. The death of one of the most beloved gods in Garuda was drastic enough for the group to become serious. While The Republic of Vinyata would be later vindicated in a masterful setup, The Divinity are not satisfied with an open-ended conclusion. Work continues day and night to uncover the true events of that morning.


The only known organized group of deities in Garuda is The Divinity, the group of deities known to help originally create the Divine Order of the Phoenix. While known as a group to most of Garuda, they themselves don't seem to actively work together.   Most of other deities act independently.

Mime the Divinity of Wisdom


The Divine Order of the Phoenix worships the Divinity as their sacred deities and patrons of safety.

While individual gods may not get along with certain parts of the Order, as a whole though, they are heavily revered by all in the Order.

At Odds

The Divinity and the Orisha are no friends to each other. While history has shown the two godly factions to have minimal contact, the differing practices continue to lead to strife when they do meet.

The Wretched want to destroy The Divinity

The Wretched Ones want to completely destroy each and every single one of the gods. That includes everyone in The Divinity.

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