The Divine Order of the Phoenix

Devoted to the protection of the land and its Divine

An organization of houses chosen by The Divinity to rule the land of the Phoenix.


Ishvanas first creations on Tikor were the Elementals, the core fabric of the world. Her second set of creations were the original deities, beings of immense power. Not quite in the magnitude of her power, they were able to create life, but not on the scale of Ishvana. One of these original gods was the Great Phoenix, Garuyda. Legends say that Ishvana created an egg that upon hatching would become the protector of the land. She gave the egg to her elementals in the hopes of it being as connected to the land as they were. The planetary spirits sat the egg in the heart of the largest volcano in the land. When the egg cracked, a roaring bird of flame and desire came bursting forth. Garuyda, the Great Phoenix was born and her wings shimmered across the land. Her bond with the land was so vibrant that naming the land after the fiery bird was all too natural. This resonated in not only the Karu but the land that embraced their sovereign god.

Settled In

Since their birth, the humans of the land have always referred to it as Garuda. The land was, in a sense, indistinguishable from their mother creator. The Karu especially, being so en-tuned to nature, found a sense of reverence to the land. The deities that dotted the area were a part of that design and deserved as much reverence as the Garuyda. However, the terrain kept the people from truly being united under any one ruler. Small villages in the rain forest of west Garuda were sometimes weeks travel from their nearest neighbor. While the land was more forgiving in central Garuda, the land was also dotted with deep valleys that held pockets of humanity. While some of these smaller pockets had rulers, none had any real territorial control. The only commonality the populace often had were their deities. With no central government or ruling figure, Garuda was largely without law or rule.

Do not despair in my absence, instead embrace this land upon which we live. I will always be here, watching in the flickers. Embrace the land as I did and it shall always be your home.
— Garuyda's Final Words

The Divine Tour

The children of Garuyda, however, were not so intent as to let the lawlessness of the land continue. Some historians have even suggested there's evidence to show that the much of the shadowy Divine Wars involved a struggle for order. Xavian's Touch , after all, lingers in those dark recesses of life, and without structure, the deadly disease kept rearing its head. Eventually the most visible and known of Garuyda's children would form their own collation, The Divinity . On the formation of their group, the members traveled for over a decade, visiting every human settlement in Garuda . In each town they visited they repeated the pattern, gather the citizens and even other local deities and announce their grand vision. The vision was simple, yet important, gather the best of Garudas humans to form a ruling organization. They would not be alone either as The Divinity, the gods themselves, would work with humans for the betterment of them all.

The Chosen Ones

The Divinity did more than just a simple world tour, they also were scouting for the future rulers of the land. The deities were picky in their selections though, their intent wasn't to fill the country with new despots, but to recognize the mortals of exceptional quality and character. These mortals and subsequently their families would be an order of chosen houses. If the inhabitants of Garuda agreed with the Divinity then they should send their chosen and kin to the most sacred of spots, The Eternal Flame, Garuyda's resting place. When The Divinity arrived at The Eternal Flame in the year 5 A.D, there was a single family already waiting for them, the Luban family. The chosen one, Nzinga Luban, was the matriarch of the family and had wasted no time in swaying her towns opinion. By the time the other 21 families arrived over the course of the next few months, the decision as to the first ruler was already clear. Nzinga Luban would the first ruler of the new organization creating the first in a long list of matriarchs to come.

Divine order of the phoenix midbanner
Phoenix Countdown by ~Angeliq

Nzinga Emerges from The Eternal Flame

Rise of Order

The early days consisted largely of discussion of structure and name. The 22 chosen sat around The Eternal Flame with The Divinity behind them as they hashed out what they wanted for the realm. Nzinga had a strength and timber that made her the clear leader, no one but she was able to get the room of 30+ to come to attention. The first thing they had to do though was to name their organization. A name that didn't spell rule, but one of order alongside their deities. Under those conditions, the answer was simple to the future King. So before the light of their god, The Divine Order of the Phoenix was birthed in front of its flames. The order consisted of the Divinities, 22 chosen mortals with Nzinga as its king, also know as kasaii. Upon creation of the Order, the head of the Divinity, Cadmus, pondered something to the newly crown king. What would her first directive be as King? Nzinga boldly proclaimed that all villages would be free as they currently were but when the kingdom was in trouble, everyone would come to their fellow countrymen need. Upon her answer, Cadmus threw her into The Eternal Flame.

Blessed King

The rest of the chosen were horrified, they didn't understand what the King had said to incur such wrath from Cadmus. However, all questions were answered when Nzinga burst from the flame like their phoenix of creation. Garuyda herself had judged the King worthy and her ambitions just. With that clear display of divine acceptance, all were clear on the goal at hand. The strengthening of the Order and the betterment of Garuda and its constituents. Each of the 22 Chosen would have their towns elevated as a reward for their service. This not only caused those towns to flourish as trade routes were formally established, but more towns would join the order as well. The sight of their neighbor's prosperity was enough to make even the most remote and staunch town at least join in name alone.

'We didn't come together to rule over these lands like demons. We came to find out how to make our lives better. Let's never forget that or why did we even leave our homes in the first place?"
— King Nzinga Ludan
During the first meeting of the Order

Southern Enemies

As the Order began to unite Garuda under its warmth, its eyes settled south to its neighbors. The construction of The Web was seen by many as an unsuspecting bomb waiting to happen. The stories and power of The Wretched Ones were not only etched on the land but on some of the deities as well. Border fights would slowly simmer and pop off until the sovereign borders of The Isle were established in 120 D.A. The Order would adopt a strict immigration policy in 250 D.A that while not banning The Dracon from the realm, but making it extremely difficult to settle in its borders.

Last of a Line

The last of the Ludan line would end suddenly, and rather controversially, a few decades before the end of the century. King Nasomi Ludan would die tragically in childbirth to her first child, a boy. The Ludan bloodline had lasted since the inception of the Order and had outlasted several of the other original chosen houses. However, the Zencora family, led by King Amma Zencora, would cease control rather than groom the boy prince. The decision to promote the Zencora family to kasaii had been extremely contentious with the vote passing only by one. Zencora wasted no time, shoring up power among the Order and moving the capital to their estates, Zencora Villa.


1 Divinity 12 Spiritual pillars of Garuda and help enhance day to day life of Garudians. No Infnite
2 King 1 The ruler of Garuda and responsible for the lands safety and the peoples well being. No Till Death
3 Chosen 21 A member from one of the Divinities Chosen families. Assist the king in duties and run parts of the government. No Till Death or Retirement
4 Illume 150+ The heads or rulers of the local town. Expected to care for their towns needs and respond to the Order. Varies on locale Varies based on locale

Public Agenda

Protection of Garuda

The Orders main, original and most important directive to this day, is the protection of the lands of Garuda. While the country is no longer in direct conflict with any one control, the land is still littered with creatures, monsters, and bandits. The remote and isolated nature of the edges of Garuda makes it an even harder job than expected. The Order spends most of its time moving around troops to protect some of the harder to reach border towns. While tensions of Vinyata have been forced to a close via the Treaties, the children of Garuyda will always be cautious of the dragon born.

Easement of Daily Life

Danger and the threat of violence aren't the only issues facing Garudians. While the central section of the land is far more forgiving to mortals, the northern mountains and western border are neither easy places to live. Citizens have complained for decades about the status of tools to make their life easier. Many traders have brought back foreign tools, where they have always been met with great fanfare and currency.

I appreciate what the Divinity are doing and all, but our town has been raided by bandits for the second time this month. I thought the Order was suppose to send help for stuff like this?
— Angry Citizen
on the Orders effectiveness

The First King, Nzinga Ludan


The Divine Order of the Phoenix worships the Divinity as their sacred deities and patrons of safety.

While individual gods may not get along with certain parts of the Order, as a whole though, they are heavily revered by all in the Order.


The Celestial Shields remain a division of the Order of the Phoenix.

The Ring of the Chosen control The Divine Order of the Phoenix


The two are currently under a peace treaty.

Articles under The Divine Order of the Phoenix

Cover image: Divine Order of the Phoenix by Tumo Mere/Swordsfall Studios

The Divine Wars

... 2001 D.A

A time when the gods fought amongst each other and Xavian's reach.

The Divine Age

2000 D.A 1 D.A

The Golden Age of expansion across Tikor as cultures around the world flourished.

After Reckoning

1 A.R and beyond

The Current Era of turmoil as humans and deities struggle with the new balance of power


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This looks like the beginnings of a great story! However I would like to know more about what prevents the Divine Order of the Phoenix from ruling over the land as a regime or oligarchy. If they are themselves chosen by another power, what prevents corruption or bribery? etc, etc.

16 Sep, 2018 15:09

There are so many great stories in Swordsfall, this is just one nations!

The Divine Order is a regime, and for the most part is an oligarchy. The problem is, in the Real World, we have taken on this properties to mean bad and evil. The Divine Order is a regime because it does laud over the land. However, at their core, they were CHOSEN to do right by there gods. And remember, in Swordsfall the gods aren't abstract. You can literally walk to their temple and shake their hand. The Divinity show up to Order meetings. It's a lot harder to be bad when mom and dad live across the street.

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Oof, where do I even begin... This article is beautiful!   This article is very well written! It seems to already be rather well edited and you have pretty much all your bases covered. The only thing I could find (and believe me you made it pretty hard,) was that in one of your quotes it's labeled as the last words of Garuyda. There's no mention at all of her disappearing though, so maybe adding a word or two letting the reader know what happened to her, did she enter a stasis or die?   Very interesting read, and definitely leaves you wanting to know more about these guys! My question for you, this Amma Zencora guy, how did his reign fair, and was he supported by those who didn't vote for him? Secondly, what happened to the boy who was supposed to take over, did he later return and try to take back the seat of power, or just fade into the background?

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Excellent formatting as always an inspiration to my own. I really like how you laid out the Structure in this. It is making me consider reformatting what ive put together for my nations, countries and orders. Out of curiosity what inspired you to turn the term King on its head in a traditional sense and make it something gender neutral?

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Thanks for the kind words as always. I've redesigned my nations several times, this is the latest version. Still, a few more things I want to add.

Actually, King being male is not world traditional. Swordsfall is entrenched in African lore, and in cultures the title of ruler is not gender specific. If you rule the land, you're King and that's it. Male or female. Additionally, in a lot of those places, the order of succession was through the mother's line, not the fathers.

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