The Council of Syujin

Sixteen Images that Run the Republic

A Council of the Twelve elected representatives called Images that run the Republic of Vinyata.




Republic for All

The directive of the Republic of Vinyata is to be a government that represents all Dracon. While the nation is open and inclusive of outsiders, the ultimate goal is the preservation of Ryuujin's created race. Before he left for his long sleep somewhere in Tikor, he laid out his teachings The Way of Masangi. The first section is about the fairness of equal representation, and the Dracon have embraced that fully.



Each Node elected a representative known as an Image. They are elected via a citywide vote. While every adult citizen may vote, the votes of each citizen are weighted based on the Contribution Matrix. The matrix has a number of additional weights that are given to votes based on education, profession, and caste. Once elected, the representative agrees to spend an average of half a year at the capital. Term length is ten years with bi-annual reviews. These reviews send to the public an updated on their full voting record and issues during the two years.


Council Pillar

Since the directive of the Republic is about representation for all, there is no head of the council. While citizens may vote based on weighted votes, in the council, no vote or voice is greater than another. Even the Image of Ishgard, the capital, doesn't receive any additional favor. Instead of a council head, one of the Four Pillars sits in on the chamber meetings. The Pillars do not act as a voting member, instead, they act as a bit of a moral compass to the council. When the council ends in a tiebreaker, the Pillar votes as the proxy for Soul of the Nation.


National Support

While the Council handles the major decisions, they do not run every single aspect of the government. There are a number of organizations that run alongside the Council to run the Nation. Each department falls under one of the four branches, each led by a Pillar. While the various departments and organizations run on their own, they must allow the Images full access to their operations. The concept of transparency is one of importance in the government.


Council Special Branches Node Leader Area Leader

Demography and Population

100% Dracon

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