Sacred Trees

More than just trees they are guarded by Tikor itself

In Garuda there lies a special set of protected, sacred trees. Cut them at your own risk.




Green Treasures

Within the green lands of Garuda there lies something more treasured than Azurean or gems. A variety of trees venerated above all living life in the land. The Sacred Trees of Garuda. These trees are not just a single line, but a group of various types that are all considered sacred to the land. This group includes the Somber Tree, Crescentshot, and Eternals. Each one of these trees are renowned for their beauty and importance to day to day life.


Origin Tree

While the genus of the Sacred Trees is not fully known, all records and lore point to The Great Somber Tree as perhaps the first tree. Or more importantly the most divine. The oldest living tree on Tikor lies at the center of the metropolis, Emerald Nest, as a centerpiece. One of the wonders of the world. The Karu believe that its seeds are the origin for all fauna on not just Garuda, but the world. Many Soulcarvers look to the ancient tree as a guiding light for interactions with nature.

In a way calling them sacred isn't enough. Nature is an ally. The first ally. And not respect its needs and health is to put our very partnership at risk.
— Soulcarver Proverb
The Book of Quotes: Garuda Edition


Natural Gods

Much like humans, and animals, the fauna of Tikor have their own divine beings. Though they appear in a vastly different form. Or rather no form at all. While generally these gods don't exude wrath of wrongdoers or serve their patrons, there is a higher authority. An intangible power that seems till nature and weather in a direction that only brings harms to the offender. This is the most exemplified in Sacred Trees. Garuda is abounding with tales of how fate falls cruelly on those who desecrate them. The Sacred Trees don't have a tangible deity like humans. Instead, there seems to an invisible force, a force of nature, that extols its vengeance.


Sacrifical Branches

That's not to say that all trees in Garuda are Sacred or that none of the Sacred trees may be cut down. There is a form of symbiosis that happens between towns and neighboring groves of Sacred Trees. Each area and culture deals with their local groves differently, but the process is generally the same. A Diviner, usually a Soulcarver, communes with the grove. The woods will give them an answer as to if they may cut down any trees and where. These instructions are often extremely detailed, which is partially why the ramifications are so swift and exact. Nature lays out a clear deal and when violated, its retribution is total.


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Why Garuda?

While Nature has a will all throughout Tikor, no other region has the level of biodiversity that Garuda has. Its long been assumed that much like humans, the concentration of flora life impacts its spiritual effect. Some Garuadians just say its because others simply don't care as much as they do.

Pre-dates Recorded History
Conservation Status
Sacred and Highly Regulated
Average Height
As high as 9 meters

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