Port Royal

Where Corsairs rest their Heads

The unofficial pirate capital, the unofficial Heaven's Fall capital and the largest illegal port on Tikor.




Port Prison

While Port Royal is now known as an infamous pirate haven, that's not how it started. In fact, the pirate capital was once quite the opposite. It was once a portside prison for House Solaris, the ruthless oligarchy that once ruled Grimnest. The jagged cliffs that cap off the southern side of the city was where guards would march prisoners to their death, driving them over the edge and into the turbulent sea below. This is what happened to the legendary first pirate Salos Lafitte. However, unlike many, Lafitte survived this fall. For years he would remain on the The Grand Divide, silently assembling an army. One day he returned to the site of his execution with a single goal in mind. Destroy House Solaris.


Revolution’s Birthplace

The prison port was the first location Lafitte and his forces took over. Their arrival had taken the guards completely by surprise, and the prison was in the hands of the invaders within moments. To Lafitte's astonishment and pleasure, he found that the prisoners and surrounding village folk to be beyond accepting of the change he was working towards. They were eager for the House to topple, and they were willing to fight for it. The freshly-seized prison would be the foundation of an uprising that would take Lafitte to the capital. There, the revolution was won, and the head of House Solaris slain. But the burgeoning revolutionary didn't to want rule as the House had. Instead, he declared the whole land free from government. With the people liberated, he retreated to where his story had started. The former Port Prison.

Port Royal? Oh yeah, it's my favorite harbor by far. Not many other places you can a stab someone over a dice match, then take his Weapons contract with some city in Garuda. What? Naw, definitely not a personal story. Definitely not...
— Drunken Corsair
Dive bar on The Isle


From the Grave

The beginnings of the city proper originate from the host of people flocking to Lafitte's banner during his uprising. Merchants who once were fearful of the crown now came to the site for trade, or to hear about the tale of Grimnest's freedom. Some began to move to the port due to the easy access to the sea, which facilitated commerce and travel. This was also a source of tourism, since the ocean was something many inland Grimm had never had a chance to see with their own eyes. For many reasons, plenty of people began to migrate to the port and Lafitte's cause. After several years of this, Lafitte would take his crew, The Black Ravens, to sea. News of the first pirate's exploits would filter back to the port, only emboldening the new idea of piracy.


Royal Awakening

It was hundreds of years after the days of Lafitte that the city would finally become known as Port Royal. Before then, it was just known to locals as "The Port." This was enough for the people of Grimnest and the merchants that supported them. The people of land had grown used to its lack of governmental control, and part of that involved embracing a lack of official names. However, as other grand ports around the world began to open and piracy began to grow across the seas, a need to distinguish the Port became apparent to its inhabitants. The pirates of the time decided to simply add Royal to the name, an obvious play on the rising reputation of the port.

Port Royal Midbanner
Harbor by Joakim Olofsson

The entryway to the Port is heavily guarded


Heaven's Harbor

In recent times, Port Royal has served as the staging base and unofficial hometown for Heaven's Fall, the reigning pirate crew on Tikor. Its leader, Nubia, seized the port city shortly after securing control over the pirate group. The Siege of Port Royal is still a story that's told throughout the town. Despite the events being within the last decade, the speed, accuracy, and lethality of the siege have left very few people alive to tell the story. Besides of course Heaven's Fall and Nubia herself. A few drunken members of the pirate crew have let slip a few details of the battle, and they all evoke the same image. Total domination by Nubia, which only ended when a dozen rival groups folded their flags in defeat.


Forbidden Exports

Unlike pirate lords of the past, Nubia had a different idea of business. Before her, Port Royal had remained largely contested, after the departure of Lafitte and his Black Ravens. Many pirate groups jockeyed for control, each one gaining and losing ground as conflicts were won and concessions were made. Nubia utterly smashed that model of operation. Port Royal now had one ruler: her. In her city, all items of trade were permitted, for a price. The new name of the game was trafficking forbidden artifacts, spices, and treasures. All under the protection of Heaven's Fall. A secure market above the arbitrary rules of the rest of the land. While there are other ports and cities that deal in illegal merchandise, none do so with the level of security that Port Royal does.


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Port Royal Portrait
Lookout by Kevin Hou

Port Security is not to be underestimated

What about non-pirates?

While the city is known as belonging to pirates, the town is home to far more than just anarchists of the sea. The town itself is filled with descendants of the first people to found the port town. However, most who live here understand and tolerate the criminal activities that take place in the city.

Heaven's Fall Flag
Heaven's Fall Official Flag

Large city
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Heaven's Fall
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