Outskirts of Vinyata

The Second Sun beams Down Upon the Barren Wasteland

The western edge of central Vinyata is a desert region called the Outskirts.




Farthest South

The overall area of Vinyata is split into two regions. The upper half is easily recognizable as Vinyata, but then the rest is different. These are the Outskirts of Vinyata. A nearly barren land that is intensely hot and covered with enormous sand dunes and rocky crags. While Vinyata has its dangers, it pales in comparison to some of the creatures that call the Outskirts home. Yet despite the inhospitable conditions and dangers, several cultures regularly traverse these wastes.


Double Sun

While the Southern Hemisphere of Tikor as a whole is under the intense eye of Adume, the most focused sunlight from it is over the Outskirts. Even during the dead of the night, the area is never cold. During the daytime, the dual intensity of Ila and Adume makes the heat spike to lethal levels. Humans cannot survive outside in the elements without shelter or gear for very long. Sunburns can begin with minutes, and more dangerous burns occur with prolonged exposure.

Being in the Outskirts sometimes feels like being in the oven of creation. The heat can be so intense that you can watch parts of the terra start to melt and reform. The layout you know today will not be the same as the one your children learn.
— Silane Lokun
Understanding the Desolation: A Study of the Outskirts of Vinyata


The Lost

Some humans live nomadically throughout the Outskirts. The chief among them are The Lucomi. Their connection to the Outskirts is complicated. Officially, all the Lucomi live on the southern edge of Vinyata outside of The Web, but the reality is more complicated than that. Throughout the year, multitudes of them take a pilgrimage to the Outskirts to speak with their gods in the hopes of finding their lost home city of Efai. They are also the foremost experts in gear and survival practices in the Outskirts.


The Traveling

The other main group of people that call the Outskirts home are the Wanderers. Out of all of the world's cultures, they are the ones who are most truly nomadic. For them, all of Tikor is their home. This includes the desolate region of the Outskirts. As a culture, they specialize in arts, crafts, and trades of all kinds. While they travel in a single main caravan, traders continually break off to set up shop and do business in many areas. This habit of seizing opportunities for trade as they arise has made them shrewd merchants, and about the only source of goods for trade in the Outskirts.

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Heavy armors of various types are used to protect against the elements


Predator's Paradise

The easternmost region of the Outskirts is perhaps the most dangerous, riddled as it is by The Hollow Sands. The Sands are a series of caves and subterranean tunnels that house some of the deadliest creatures in Vinyata. The desolate environment keeps most humans out the area, and consequently most of the predatory creatures go unchecked. With natural challenges, some of the predators have grown to terrifying size and strength. Everyone considers this a forbidden place for good reason, as few who venture in survive the terrible beasts that reside here.


Desert Mountains

Directly to the south and just off the shore lies The Brightflare Mountains. This range of mountains is made entirely from the nearby sand. Many scholars theorize that mounds of sand originally gathered in the craggy cliffs of the southern coast. From there, the intense heat of Adume beaming down for hundreds of years turned it into a huge glob of molten glass. The same winds that gathered the sands then shaped them into the twisted peaks of glass they are now. This remote piece of land is perhaps the hottest part of the world, with temperatures even exceeding those found inside of a volcano.

You can tell you're near the Brightflares before you can even physically see them. The light is beyond intense. You can't even look in its direction without eye protection for fear of blindness. But every so often some fool treks there anyway. Looking for fame and fortune only to come back blind.
— Dracon Local

How hot is it?

Children learning about this region always ask the same question: just how hot are the Outskirts? It's so hot that a measurement of temperature is no longer useful to determine heat. The speed at which heat can rise currently defeats the detections of any device. Instead, there is a color system used to explain the relative heat at a given time. Blue is the coolest weather here, where standard heat gear is sufficient for survival and movement. The hottest is White, which happens at the peak of the day where it's too hot to be safe for humans to exist for long even with the best protective gear.

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