Northern Hemisphere of Tikor

Forest and mountains mark this a haven for the divine

The northern half of Tikor consists primarily of extremely dense forest areas, swampy jungles, marshes and sheer cliffs. .  


The central part, Garuda is some of the most forgiving lands in the Northern Hemisphere. This is largely why The Holy Order of the Phoenix flourishes to the only true power in the north. The living mountain range serves as a natural border to Garuda and Grimnest to the west. The Divinity flourishes in Garuda, with the bulk of the gods in the north living here.  


Grimnest has some of the most dangerous landscape in the north, with mountains and cliffs that lead to sheer drops, to deep and unexplored caverns. Its no surprise that over the eons its become a hideout for criminals, pirates, and some of the most extreme cults.  

The Canopy

To the Northwest of Grimnest and capping off the north is The Canopy. On the surface its snowy plains surrounding a group of mountain peaks that pierce the cloud cover that hangs over the land. The most sparsely populated land in the north, partly due to the extreme snowfall that can occur as well as the large avian predators that seem to appear through the canopy of clouds.  


Back on the east side of Garuda lies Hawklore, a land of beauty seized in the iron hand of their god, Hawken. Swampland and marsh give way to beautiful coastal shores and the only known inlet Azurean mine. Anyone who falls out of favor with Hawken finds themselves toiling away at the mine for the "betterment" of Hawklore.


Varied topography: Heavily forested regions. Swamplands Marshes Snowy Mountains Sheer Cliffs

Fauna & Flora

The largest trees on the planet grows in the North.

Natural Resources


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Cover image: Ilun Valley and Adras Mountains by Sabina Lewis/Swordsfall Studios


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