Master Luminary

A Title Befitting Those Who have Mastered the Crystal Arts

Master Luminary is the highest rank in the Inner Circle and a display of complete mastery of Crystal Arts.


Dedication to Study

Becoming a Master Luminary is a lifelong journey and dedication to study above all else. There have been less than 50 Master Luminaries since the Inner Circle's inception, indicating how tough the achievement is. The rank is the goal of many priests but attained by very few. The amount of time needed to master all the techniques, spells, and formulas takes around 55 years. In the Inner Circle, to say Master truly means to Master. It's a reflection of completing all the goals that have been set out before you and a move toward the unknown.


Famous Members

A few truly talented Master Luminaires have ascended through the years. The first to reach the rank was, of course, the creator of the rank, Xan'dar Teslan. His endless need for knowledge would be the defining characteristic of not just the rank, but the whole organization. The most known Master Luminary is the prodigy, Yamoja. She completed Master Luminary in the span of 25 years, having started off at the young age of 14. She is currently the Head Priestess of Druse Academy, the school that teaches young Crystal Priests to control their newfound abilities.


Job Prospects

Reaching the top rank comes with it, a number of offers. Numerous nations keep an eye on The Independent Freeland of Teslan for rising talent. While most Crystal Priests go back to their home country, those that join the Inner Circle almost never go back. Master Luminaries are even a step above that, the requirements mean that most don't even recognize their home by the time they surface with the top rank. This makes them open to the best offer, highest bid or most interesting project. The day after the current High Priestess, Yamoja, became a Master Luminary the island was inundated with messages of offers and sweet talk. A few days after that, ships arrived and hovered outside of the island, hoping to curry favor with the new star.


The Real Journey

For Crystal Priests , reaching Master Luminary isn't just about the fame or money, it's about the mastering of a living art, a magical combination of science and magic. Mastering the last known fundamental means creating new ones. Master Lums are truly pioneers, the knowledge of old with the passion to create something new. While anyone is capable of discovery and expansion, the knowledge brought by a Master Luminary is like none other. Even Yamoja balances her duties at the Academy and her own work in Azurean assisted flight.

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While any Crystal Priest can start on the path toward a Master Luminary, not everyone is fit to finish it. The dedication needed to relentless pour through old text to learn techniques that only a few can perform is daunting. Due to this, there are no additional requirements to become a Master Luminary beyond being a member of the Inner Circle.


The first Master Luminary, Xan'dar Teslan, devised 394 techniques for weaving Azurean. To reach the rank of master, you must be able to execute all 394 of the original techniques. Additionally, a priest must able to do all 394 without additional aids, books or other assistance.


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24 Jul, 2018 03:18

Very impressive. Made me go and check out a couple of other articles to really understand what the Crystal Priests are. Are there more than 394 techniques? Has anyone actually surpassed the creator?

24 Jul, 2018 03:58

Thank you, glad you liked it! Yes, there are more than 394, farrrr more. But this are 384 ORIGNAL techniques. Think of it as if you had to do proofs on all of Einstein's equations. Including some of the one's where he was the only one to do it.   There's other techniques that can produce the same outcome. But his Techinque, the way he did them is very deep and basic. Climbinb up a smooth wall barehanded when cleats and a pickaxe are easier. Nope. If you want to be the MASTER then you have to climb up these 384 different crazy shaped terrain from around the world with no footfolds while your butt naked.   That's what this rank is asking of you.

24 Jul, 2018 04:06

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Sounds amazing. Great job!

24 Jul, 2018 05:41

Great work as usual! If a master luminary spends 55 years to master the original techniques, does he have the time left to innovate using his enormous knowledge? Or it that a job for other people?

24 Jul, 2018 05:58

They don't spend the whole time mastering the original techniques. Given the nature of the techniques, its almost impossible to not come up with your own in the time being. One good idea leading to another idea.
Master Luminary is sort of the proof of our geinus. You don't get to that level and not be smart enough to come up with an amazing technique while sitting on the pot.
Glad you liked it!

24 Jul, 2018 06:04

I enjoyed giving this a read through. It's well written, though I must ask, the "add" in the last sentence of requirements, is that meant to be "aid"?

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