Mesmerizing Luck Fae

Beautiful water fae with the power to charm and changes fortunes.


Beauty the of Water

Of the many kinds of fae that inhabit Tikor, Jengu are unique in that they are both water and luck fae. Originally, they were simply known as just beautiful water fae. Sailors of all legions and creed would slow their boats when near their territory, hoping for a glimpse. Jengu are known for their long flowing hair, piercing eyes, and alluring smiles. They are considered to be beautiful by everyone that sees them. Many legends surround the Jengu, some paint them as beautiful creatures that send ships off on glorious ventures. Others say they are more sinister, feeding off of the luck of the victims to give to others. While the Jengu have been around for as long as Tikor has existed, humans struggle with their knowledge of these fae. The first problem is that there is no definitive description of Jengu.    


Tailored Made

The description of long flowing hair, piercing eyes, and alluring smiles is truly all humans have to go for what they look like. This is because the Jengu may not truly have a physical description. The Jengu, as water fae, reflect back your ultimate beauty with the addition of three things; long flowing hair, piercing eyes, and alluring smiles.


Good luck to all

Brings good luck to those who charms her with words.


Spirit Counselor

Because of the innate seductive abilities of the Jengu, they are often sought after mediation. The soothing voice of a Jengu has a way of making parties more applicable to discuss their issues.



The Following

A cult has formed around the luck giving creatures. Despite not being a deity, the luck powers of Jengu often causes humans to worship. This sort of behavior is quite pleasurable to a Jenju, as they are more than happy to hear about how great they are.



100 years


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