Ilun Valley

Green savanna lands and luscious hills at the heart of Garuda

With a mountain view to the north and rainforest to the west, the splendors of the Ilun Valley captures the heart.




Valley Between

The land of Garuda has one of the most varied and complex biodomes on Tikor. One of the most interesting of these is the wide-open savannah of the Ilun Valley. With the The Great Kalil Rainforest to the west and The Outer Steeps to the north, the Ilun Valley is, in a way, the result of the two. The combination of melted water that flows from the Adras and runoff from Kalil keeps the valley plains flush with a natural water source and fresh nutrients. It's a combination that has led to it to being one of the main population clusters of the land and home to most of its capitals, as well as the largest city.


Ancient Karu

For The Karu however, the valley is more than just a pretty and fertile land. It’s where their lore says they were born and created. Karu Jalen's claim that when the great phoenix Garuyda released her feathers that birthed life all across the land, the one for the Karu landed in the famous valley. They say that the energy that created the Karu people is also what was responsible for the valley’s bountiful fauna and vibrant green vegetation. It was truly a land that gave life to many of Garuda's creations.

Ilun is the kind of place that makes you forget about the dangers of the world. For just a moment it's you and the hills. Simple and plain-like. It's the kind of thing that reminds you why we're alive in the first place.
— Karu Elder
-On the importance of the Ilun Valley to Garuda


Border Steeps

To the northeast of the Valley, the luscious valleys and plains begin to give way to a number of ground rifts. They start out small, with a few crevices measuring half a meter across and a hands length deep. However, as you explore a bit further east the rifts between to widen and spread until you lead to the massive opening of rifts and chasms known as The Outer Steeps. The sharp change in topography has made much of the area off-limits with the threat of serious harm all too likely.


Carved Idols

The profession of Soulcarver is one that’s unique to Garuda and more importantly the valley. The art of encompassing Hekan with wood is more art than a Hekan technique and nowhere is that more evident that the Ilun Valley. Just about every city has a local famed Soulcarver to talk about. Young artists from around the world have been known to attempt to settle the Valley, hungry to learn the woodcrafting secrets. Several cities, including Emerald Nest, hold festivals and celebrations to honor the cultural profession.


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What's in a name?

The Ilun Valley is named after the type of vegetation that covers much of the land. Ilunea is the name of the species of grass that covers much of the valley. This species is unique due to how durable it is. Lasting through long periods of drought, flood, heat, and frost.

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