How Tikor Was Born

A Mothers Love VS. A Strangers Hate

How Tikor Was born is a classic fairy tale about the origins of Tikor and Ishvana's great sacrifice to her children.




The Beginning

A very, very, very long time ago, before even the world existed, there was a great being of kindness and compassion. Her name was Ishvana, and she roamed through The Great Cosmos, enjoying the sights and sounds of the empty universe. Eventually, one day she came across a huge river of life called the Etherforce . Ishvana had seen these before, but never one so big! The kind supreme being decided that here on this stream she should create a new world, one full of magic, beauty, and splendor. So Ishvana eagerly began building her new world. A beautiful planet that would be full of life and splendor.


A Perfect Little Planet

Etherforce flows through all living things and placed where it was, the planet would have lots of life. Thus she crafted Tikor to be a world where many amazing things could be conceived and live. She created a great big beautiful planet, her finest work of all. Once the beautiful planet was created she thought about what she would name it. After careful thought, a name popped into her head, Tikor, which means "beautiful planet" in her ancient language. Then when the planet was just right, she created her own children on Tikor, Divine Entity . Her children were mighty like their mother and were capable of creating life, As Ishvana had passed that down to her children. Ishvana and her children, the deities were happy on Tikor. That is until a stranger appeared.


Darkness Arrives

What Ishvana didn't know was that by creating Tikor directly in the stream of Etherforce, the planets life sang throughout the cosmos. The current of life carried the joyous sounds far and wide until it landed in the ears of a vile, corrupting supreme being, Xavian. The Corrupted One had been deep in slumber as he drifted the cosmos. He had already corrupted everything he knew existed, so when the faint sounds of Tikor drifted through the ether, the dark one was instantly hungry. Xavian followed the happy sounds until he finally found the young planet. Ishvana sensed his approach but it was already too late to do anything, for the Withering King had arrived.


Battle for Tikor

As much as Ishvana was kindness and compassion, Xavian was loathing and malice. His very essence causes corruption, and his very arrival caused the seas to churn and the ground to heave. The Withering King was destroying Tikor just by being there. Ishvana, eager to protect her children, began to battle with the corrupting being. But supreme beings like Ishvana and Xavian don't fight with bodies, they fight with the very space and energy around them. Time stopped and started, planetary bodies were created and crushed. Her children could only watch as Ishvana and Xavian fought. Their powers were evenly matched and the fight continued as the two divine entities battled for control. However, Xavian, the master of corruption he was, had a plan up his sleeve.

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The Second Sun

Xavian realized how much Ishvana loved her creations and decided to use it against her. The Withering King's presence was slowly corrupting Tikor with each passing moment. Eventually, his corruption had seeped in deep enough for him to steal some of the newly birthed nature spirits and elementals. Xavian then crafted a second sun and imprisoned the spirits within it, essentially holding them hostage. The concerned Ishvana didn't want to risk killing the kidnapped elementals by destroying the solar prison but she couldn't stand ideally by either. The great creator tried to bargain with the mad god, but it was no use, he wasn't there to talk. Xavian was trying to stall Ishvana so his corruption could spread further. For his sinister plan to finally hatch. Then with a great sunder, the sun prison erupted, and horrifying winged creatures came pouring out. Xavian, The Withering King had corrupted her children into his own creatures, The Wretched Ones, powerful and destructive dragons of nature and primal fury.


Nightmare Creatures

The winged beast screamed across space toward Tikor with a ravenous hunger for its fertile soils. Ishvana, as sad as she was for her lost children, had no other choice but to destroy the beasts. But try as she might, she couldn't. Xavian's final card, because it was her own energy, she couldn't destroy it so easily. The great dragons finally landed on Tikor, destroying as they went, with only Ishvana's children, the Divine Entities, able to stand up to them. The dragons were extremely powerful as they had both the magic of Ishvana and Xavian. Even the queen of light's firstborn children couldn't stand up to there raw strength. Additionally, Ishvana could not help without turning away from her lethal opponent. All seemed lost when a something miraculous happened. One of the Wretched, Ryuujin , defected and joined Ishvana. Xavian was furious, Ryuujin was one of the most powerful of his creations. Ishvana had pulled a trick from his own book, she had corrupted Ryuujin with her own light. With the great dragon on there side, the tides started to shift.


Ishavan's Sacrifice

Even with Ryuujin's help, it wasn't enough to end it before Xavian's corruption had reached the point of no return. No barrier was strong enough for the corruption that Xavian emits. And the Withering King wouldn't stop until the planet was destroyed. So the Great Creator did something only she could do to save life on her planet. She merged with the Etherforce that flows right through Tikor . With that huge energy boost, she was able to sweep the land with ether, repelling Xavian's corrupting energy. Then Ishvana, using the last of her energy, created a dimensional wall between the energy of those Divine Entities and the plane of existence that Tikor sits on. This sealed Xavian and his corrupting into his its own dimension, saving Tikor. It also expelled the Divine Entities from Tikor as well. Only leaving the world deities and humans that the Entities had created. With the cosmos safe from Xavians corruption, the kind and gentle creator faded into the Etherforce, joining its infinite energy.


Better World

With Xavian gone, the planet could heal from the scars of its long battle. The shape of the land had been forever changed, and the sterling beautiful perfect world was now imperfect. However, it was also filled with abundant new life, gifted by the gods with the powers needed to survive. With Xavian's energy contained, The Wretched Ones were greatly diminished and defeated. They could not be destroyed, so they were entombed deep below Tikor, where no one would ever find them. While saved, Tikor will always need to watch out. Xavian, The Withering King, is always just Below it All, waiting for his moment. Though as long as Tikor's loving children remember the sacrifice the Gentle Creator made, all life will continue to flourish among the stars.

Variations & Mutation

Not everyone in Tikor agrees with this version of this version of Tikor's origin story. While this is one of the most commonly referenced genesis stories, various cultures have decreed this version as biased. The two main groups that believe and propagate this version are the Karu and Dracon. The two ethnic groups behind the two biggest nations in Tikor.

The See'er

The esteemed group of oracles believes a much different version of events. They believe that their divine entity, Ro'og, is responsible for the creation of the planet.

The Lucomi

In the desolate southern region known as the Outskirts of Vinyata, the Lucomi are far removed from the influences of the big two nations. Their omnipresent god, Odu, is the one they see the great creator.


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