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The Grimm don't bury their dead away from home. Instead, they bury them beneath their homes, as once you're family, you're always family.


Always Family

The biggest difference when it comes to the Grimm and how they bury their dead is simple, once your family, you're always family. To bury someone in a graveyard or away from home is almost like forgetting them. While some larger more prominent families may have family shrines, they are always on family property with living ground's close by. The vast majority of them, however, bury their deceased underneath their very homes.


Friendly Spirits

Grimnest has plenty of spirits, from people to nature, good and bad. Therefore, another spirit in the form of a loved one is expected and welcomed. The key to a friendly spirit, however, is respect. It's not enough to just bury them beneath the home and forget, that doesn't bode well for the dead. Proper respect comes from the Shrine located in each home. No two shrines are exactly the same, as they are made up of memories of the deceased. From collections of paintings to toys and books, a shrine is a collection of things the spirit will remember.


Underground Burial

The strange underground terrain of Grimnest is one of the reasons that underground funeral plots are not only easy but expected. Below the shallow bedrock, the ground is often crisscrossed with tree roots. This makes it extremely easy to build stable mausoleum beneath any home. Most entrances come from outside the home and lead into a small underground cavern beneath the home itself. This allows them to separate the body from health concerns while keeping them close. Some families, however, dig straight underneath the home to build their plots.


Families Stay Together

Depending on the makeup of a family and village, families are usually buried together. A burial plot may contain several generations of a family line or a single family.

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