High Perch

A Glimmering Mecca of Refined Taste, Refined Ore, and Unrefined Mysteries

The Crowning Jewel of Hawklore , High Perch, it's a city of lights and glamour unlike anything on Tikor .


Beauty and Luxury Defined

The capital city of Hawklore and personal home of Hawken, the luxury city High Perch is like non-other. The city itself matches the personality of its ruler; full of glitter and smooth artifices. A city obsessed with vanity and appearances, High Perch is one of grand luxury. If you speak to the right person, for the right price, anything can be had in the elaborate metropolis. The streets, while not paved with precious gold, shimmer with traces of Azurean . A symbol that even the streets you walk upon are absolutely decadent. From the official city limits in, it's clear you are in a place where no expense was spared. Clean is usually one of the first thoughts newcomers have upon reaching the luxury city. Hawken wants his hometown to be perfect, and the capital has its own full-time Sanitization Crew to ensure it stays that way.

All Natural

As part of Hawken's vision of cleanliness and purity, The city has strict pollution and emission laws. All vehicles are required to use renewable energy. While this doesn't necessarily mean natural forces, be it chemical or otherwise, the waste is required to be recyclable. The contamination protocols in High Perch are some of the highest in the land, be it vehicles or factories. In addition, no fossil fuels or smog-producing ore is allowed to be used for any machinery within city limits. Anyone caught using an unapproved energy generator will face immediate jail time. These clean initiatives extend to all of Hawklore by virtue of High Perch being the hub of the east. This means that even the farms in Northern Hawklore that produce food must comply to the rules set forth in High Perch.


The High Side

While High Perch is a city of luxury, it's not always a city of fairness. The various politics that govern who is able to reach the God King, has caused the crown city to be essentially split into two parts. The rich, wealthy, and connected live on the high side of town, a plateau of buildings surrounding Eagle Eye Tower nicknamed The High Side. The cost of living goes up the closer the homes get to the central building. While no building is able (or allowed) to be as tall as High Perch, plenty of other moguls have erected their own towers close by. An almost mockable symbol of humans trying to reach the level of deities. The general consensus is the closer you are to Eagle Eye, then the greater you must be. Dignitaries, moguls and the wealthy are all willing to pay exorbitant prices for the bragging rights to be within yelling distance of the God King. In actuality, proximity to the Tower doesn't increase your ability to be heeded by Hawken, but this hasn't stopped people from vying for the properties anyway.

The Low Side

Everyone else lives in The Flats, the flat almost donut-shaped section of High Perch that surrounds the inner downtown area. To an outsider, The Flats are still insanely lush in comparison to other cities. But for the high standard set by Hawken, it often becomes a mocking point for nobles. The streets, while clean, are not the same immaculate lanes of the High Side. This is partially due to the vast number of people that live and travel through the area. To reach the center of the city, you essentially have to travel through the Flats. While the affluent of the High Side see this as a burden, the entrepreneurial see the benefit of being among the first sights to the city. The Flats are often visited for their variety of food and cuisine available. The working force of High Perch has to eat and those looking to make a living have learned to cater to this crowd.

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Concept Art by Craig Mullins


The Rest and the Ignored

From the outside, you would believe that between The High Side and The Flats, that you've covered where everyone lives in High Perch. However, there's a darker, dirtier side to the grand city that is mostly ignored by the denizens of the capital. The truly poor live on the very outskirts of the Flats, toward the marshland and The Blue Hollow. The cost and quality of living go down the further from the city proper and the closer toward The Blue Hollow that you get. The two aren't a coincidence either, while Hawklore relies heavily on the ore, its smell by-product is truly awful. Those Children of Hawken who have not risen to the standard needed to live in The Falts reside in Cobble, a shantytown built around the Blue Hollow. The stench of Azurean runoff fills the air, despite the purifiers that line the area. The hazy blue light from the giant mine permeates the area, giving it a sickly look that only adds to the dismal living conditions.


Moving on Up

While High Perch seems inviting at first glance, it actually has a hierarchy for you to climb if you wish to live there. Anyone without citizenship is not allowed to live in the city proper. This means that most refugees and immigrants start in Cobble. Once you've passed the immigration test you're allowed to live in The Flats. Where you end up is entirely up to the person's capabilities. The bulk of the population will never reach past The Flats except for visits to the nicer sides of town. The High Side is largely by Buy In Only, which is a fancy way of saying you have to be able to buy someone out of their property. With some wealthy owning dozens of properties, this usually ends meaning, Know The Right People. Or jokingly, Buy The Right people. Oddly enough, though native to the area, Children of Hawken rarely make it to The High Side. The high standards of wealthy are easier to obtain outside the Azurean mines most are born from.


Mix of wealthy, educated foreigners and poor, laboring Children of Hawken


Azurean trade is the name of the game in High Perch. With the Blue Hole being a short distance east, traders from all over the world come to do business. While Hawklore doesn't set the price for the valuable crystal, its influence is not to be understated. Hawken managed to corner a section of the market for himself almost 2000 years ago, and his lands have gained from his wealth of knowledge.   The tool service industry has become a secondary booming market for the sprawling metropolis. Azurean production and refinement require tools, and the better they are, the better the product is. Even Crystal Priest require tools to do some of the most delicate Azurean weaving.


Clean roads. Electric/solar vehincles


High Perch was founded by the God King, Hawken. Legends say that he walked into the area that would later be Hawklore, in search of the best view. The raised area where Eagle Eye is built is said to be where Hawken stopped his journey.   The legend generally builds onto the prestige of the city. Adding that not only is it beautiful, but perhaps one of the oldest cities in all of Tikor. Many historians have often been confused on why Hawken doesn't herald the glittering city as being one of the oldest as well. Some assume its the vanity of age association.


High Perch is a city where its hard to talk about the architecture as a style. The city is more about beauty as a whole. Some structures are made from natural material such as wood. Those that are though, are often carved from rare and beautiful timber. The best cuts are used and the finish would be to a shine. When its brick the mortar work is precision and the grouts perfect.   The standard is perfection, the material is just the medium of the artist. But what stands the test of time and Hawken's keen eye, will always be the craftsmanship. You'll find that some district's have themes, as its better to be around others of a similar style than risk being the artistic sore thumb on the block.

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Cover image: City of High Perch by Sabina Lewis/Swordsfall Studios


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