Heaven's Fall

Buccaneers of The Great Divide

  The largest pirate group in all of Grimnest. With their infamous leader, Nubia , they roam The Grand Divide, looting as they aim to rule the seas.



Heaven's Fall started out of as a small time crew of five sailors; Ceaser Noir, Greybeard, Roben Krag, Diego Cloise and Salador Columbus. Ceaser, Greybeard, and Krag grew up together in the slums of Old Port Royal. Ceaser Noir was a man with radical ideas who dreamed of being free from the oppression they lived every day. Greybeard, being younger, looked up to Ceaser like a brother. Roben would have been a bit like the little sister of the group if she wasn't the scrappiest girl that existed back then. Together, under the young Noir's leadership, began to push back against the poverty of their upbringing. Eventually, they would form a small time gang that did mostly petty crime to get by, eventually adding Diego, and Salador to the gang leadership. Their fortunes would change however when robbing a merchants home provided them the opportunity to steal a ship. So, with a midnight raid on the docks, the crew had finally themselves a boat.

Rise of the Fallen

The first few years of the crews time at sea was harrowing. The ragtag group had vastly underestimated the fury and unpredictability of The Grand Divide . None of the young crew had any real nautical experience, with Salador Columbus being the only one who had any real idea how to operate a ship. Through tenacity and luck, the crew managed to survive long enough to pick up the tricks of the ocean and the subtleties of operating a ship. The crew had been hitting small coastal villages and uncharted islands for provisions and money, but Caesar wanted something more and unsure of what. Ultimately though, the fledgling buccaneers were found by a mercenary guild hired to retrieve the stolen ship. This would be the first time Noir's crew had ever engaged in a true ship battle. Ceaser and his group won, but not before losing a few newer members and Diego Cloise. Ceaser and Diego had become close over the years, with the two of them being spotted having long philosophical debates deep into the night. The lose of the founding member hit Caeser especially hard. After that battle, Ceaser realized they needed more power if they were going to survive the Divide. To do that meant to get serious, and thus Heaven's Fall was born. A subtle tribute to their fallen founder, that "Though the Heaven's may fall upon us, we shall always rise."

Welcome to the Pirate Era

The rise in piracy during this time, lead to the rise of privateering, which lead to an even bigger rise in piracy. The seas were churning as factions grew and died off, all vying to be the first one to rule the seas. The first real Pirate Lord. Ceaser Noir and his Heaven's Fall didn't just want to be the first, they wanted to be the biggest and best. Noir would preach to the members many times that to survive they had to be strong enough to where no one would even want to try them. Over the next few years, they would absorb other same pirate gangs by Ceasers charisma, or sheer force. At its largest, Ceasers Heaven's Fall had 25 ships under his command. To Ceaser, they were living the life they had all dreamed of. However, not all of the Fallen were enjoying the pirate life as much as he was.


Second in Betrayal

While Noir was a great leader and of sound tactical mind, he often had a blind spot for his inner circle. Roben, his second in command, was beginning to weave aspirations that exceeded being in second place. Roben was a born fighter and took to the pirate life like few did. Noir's method was often lengthy and sometimes political, Roben always thought this was a show of weakness. If being on the ocean meant being totally free, then why did they have to capitulate to anyone? As these doubts grew in Roben, Ceaser's popularity only grew. As Heaven's Fall became a target from disgruntled leaders, captains, and rising stars, they looked for any weakness to exploit in the growing pirate group. Eventually one of the oldest pirate crews in Tikor would offer Roben the right price for her betrayal.

Nuia Mid article


The Pioneers Sabotage

The Grave Ravens are one of the oldest pirate crews in known history. Before the term was officially used in Tikor, the Grave Ravens were roaming the sea, plundering and looting. Despite being around for so long, little is known of the ominous group. It's unclear exactly how old their leader is, he's simply called, The Old South, and given the hundred plus year history of The Grave Ravens, most assume that it's more of a title given to the leader, rather it a specific persons name. While the Ravens seem to have no grand aspirations for domination, they often are at the center of the fall of large groups. Such as with the case with Heaven's Fall, when The Old South sent an emissary to secretly meet with Roben during a provision run. His offer was simple, convince the Fallen to go to a certain location at a certain date, and Roben would have the resources to establish her own pirate crew.

The Setup

Roben, knowing the difficulty of getting Noir to just go along with something, realized she needed assistance for her plan to work. Columbus had a not so secret one-sided crush for Roben since they were young. She used this affection to her advantage as she cooed sweet thoughts of romance and independence into the naive man's ears. As part of her plan, Roben knew she needed a fall guy just in case the plan didn't go according to plan. The quiet and gruff Greybeard made the perfect patsy for her plan. The silent Greybeard was not a man of words, and would often fall into anger when his words inevitably failed him. The plan was simple, Columbus would suggest a plan to Greybeard during a drunken night at the helm. When the ambush inevitably happens, the trustworthy second mate and their sailing master would point out the treachery of the quiet gunner captain. With an added touch of planted gold and trinkets, the plan was set and Greybeard was steady dripped the idea over a few cycles.


The Last Adventure

Columbus convinced Greybeard that rumors of treasure on a remote island south of Ramnos were true and that time was of the essence. Greybeard, seeking to gain approval with his mentor and leader, eventually brought this idea up to Ceaser. After looking at the information provided by Roben and Columbus, The Prince of the Seas trusted his old friend with tip, and they set off for treasure and adventure. Except when they arrived at a small uncharted island south of Ramnos, there was no treasure to be had, only death. Almost immediately upon setting anchor, they were surrounded by a fleet of Black Ravens, as an assault party from the island broke through the treeline. Given the hasty nature of their adventure and his own hubris, Caeser only brought 4 escort ships and was vastly outnumbered. The crew of Heaven's Fall fought valiantly though, with there backs against the wall and Noir barking orders, they held off the siege well into the night.

Et Tu Brute

It was during the night siege that Roben pulled the pin on her frame job of Greybeard. She couldn't risk the exposure of a protracted battle, and realized the time was now. Using the panic of the battle to get Noir alone, the first mate carefully explained how the whole thing smelled rotten and asked where he got the info from. As the Captain began to piece it together, Roben kept with the deception and eventually pulled in Columbus to seal the deal. Ceaser, unable to believe in his old friend's supposed betrayal, went to his quarters to search for any evidence. Much to the collaborator's pleasure, he discovered the planted articles and coin. But, much to their chagrin, the captain wasn't willing to jump to conclusions. Caeser moved past the heated pair in an effort to find Greybeard in the midst of the assault but was stopped by Roben. And her blade. The leader of the great pirate revolution would be assassinated in the room of his dearest friend, by his oldest friend, on the very ship they all had stolen together so many years ago.


That Wasn't Part of the Deal

After killing Ceaser, Roben and Columbus set about telling the crew and convincing them it was all over and to surrender, as they had been betrayed by one of their own. It was then that Columbus doublecrossed his beloved when he told the stunned crew that Roben and Greybeard had planned the murder of their beloved captain. The supposed star-crossed lover had always intended to have Heaven's Fall for himself. He had kept his own evidence of her meetings with The Old South and had been careful to keep his own involvement secret. The crew, after being under siege for almost a full day, seemed to crack as they launched at the killer of their beloved captain. Greybeard in the scuffle, seeing he was outmatched and outsmarted, lept off of the ship to escape the mob. Roben wasn't so lucky, and with the help of the traitorous Columbus was strung up from the mast as a token surrender.
Pirate Coast


The Agreement

As the Black Ravens closed in upon seeing the morbid surrender signal, dread set on the Heaven's Fall crew. The top two people in command were dead in a horrible series of events with a third being the betrayer. Once The Old South, appeared on the deck of the command ship, Queenie's Revenge, the ship's crew had all but given up. The tall grizzled man didn't say anything about the dead firstmate hanging from the mast, he simply gave an edict. Heaven's Fall would cease to be a large fleet and would stop all activity to conquer sectors of The Divide. The crew was dismayed with these orders and seemed all ready to mount their last hurrah, but Columbus quickly agreed to the terms.

The Aftermath

Even with the dire odds, Columbus's fellow crewmates would never see eye to eye with the way he bent to The Old South. Heaven's Fall was the one who gave orders, not the other way around. Upon hearing what happened on the night of Ceaser's betrayal, a third of the fleet left within the following weeks. Many were no longer interesting in a pirate fleet not helmed by the bombastic Ceaser Noir. The rest couldn't find a way to accept the demands Columbus agreed to. And so even without Columbus directly answering the request, Heaven's Fall had fallen from being the top. To add insult to injury, not only was Salador an ineffective leader, but he also showed no interest in trying to be more. Running the fleet of the pirates wasn't the life Columbus had imagined. Under his leadership, the once mighty pirate's crew would linger on the fringes of being relevant. This though would change with the third leader of Heaven's Fall.

The Baddest Pirate Alive

Nubia , the current leader of Heaven's Fall, is a special kind of pirate even amongst the elite. She's cold, calculating and ruthless toward her goals. As a novice pirate, her crew was boarded by Heaven's Fall and given the choice, join or perish. Nubia chooses to join, to her crewmates peril as they refused. One joining the Fallen, her skill and intelligence were quickly recognized as she gained respect amongst the older grizzled shipmates. She would eventually become a part of Captain Columbus's crew, where his inability to lead was increasingly exposed. The boisterous captain made a fatal move when he challenged the young Nubia to a duel in an effort to shut her down. Instead of winning in stunning fashion as he had planned, his throat was immediately slashed by the quick and cunning Nubia. After her stunningly quiet show of brutality, the rest of Heaven's Fall quickly fell in line behind her despite her age. Ever calm and calculating, her motives are often unclear until the plan is already over.

Pirate Wars

After hearing Columbus's death, the scapegoat of Noir's execution, Greybeard is elated. Thinking that with Columbus's death, his exile would be over, Greybeard attempted to return to his former home. He sent a message to Nubia for a meeting at a neutral location, The Isle. The Pirate Lord agreed, much to Greybeard's surprise. Upon sitting down to talk, his worst fears set in, the Fallen under Nubia was a much different animal than when he had a part. Nubia did not hold the same convictions that had driven Caeser to build the pirate empire. By now Ceasers Betrayal was a cautionary lesson about the dangers of empathy on the high seas. The new Heaven's Fall would do none of the sorts, and power for the sake of power was what the goal was now. She rejected his request to rejoin the fleet, with a cautionary warning that this would be the last time she would seen without bloodshed. Greybeard now sees Nubia as someone tarnishing the name Caeaser put forth. Ashamed at his exile instead of fighting for his home, the veteran pirate built his own crew with an eye on retaking the flag of his friend and mentors. Known as Lost Legacy, Greybeard has managed to amass some of the former members of Ceaser's generation of Heaven's Fall. Their goal is simple, hit Nubia in any way they can to break her hold on the growing empire.


The Biggest Crew in Town

Under Nubia Heaven's Fall is now the largest pirate group in Grimnest and perhaps all of Tikor. With over 100 ships in their total armada, it's hard to think of any pirate crew with the numbers to take on The Fallen. At the very least not toe to toe in the open water. The majority of the ships in Heaven's Fall fleet are stolen or salvaged from around the Divide. This has allowed them to build their fleet at alarming rates. Increasing their ship count from five ships at the dawn of the era, to the 100+ they have currently. Nubia openly defies the Edict set by the Black Ravens. The mysterious group hasn't been heard from in a number of years, but many wonder when the master planner will return to punish the Fallen.

Followed by Jackals

The White Jackals are a bounty hunter organization with there eyes set on taking down Heaven's Fall once and for all. The current investigation is being lead by top bounty hunter Lupita Oromo , who comes at the pirate crew with a furor none of ever seen. She's personally responsible for taking out several Heaven's Fall fleets. Her repeated interference has received the eye of Nubia herself. It's only a matter of time before the two come head to head.


The command structure of Heaven's Fall is simple. Whatever Nubia and her lietunants say goes.   Each ship has their own sub-captain and freedom...to a degree. When there's a large score to settle or bounty to be had, all the ships in Heaven's Fall are called in. Breaking the call means immediate expulsion from Heaven's Fall, and a large target on your back.

Public Agenda

Heaven's Fall wants one thing, treasure. Be it money or jewels or VIP's, they intend to take it and sell it. This often includes freeing oppressed people, but few suspect this is the primary goal of Heaven's Fall.

Heaven's Fall portrait 2
"Would be a shame if you had to bleed all over my gold"

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