Hawken's Keys to Success

A Guide to Being a Better Human

The God King released a set of guidelines and morals to be the perfect human. According to him, its a must read.


Law of the Land

In the nation of Hawklore, there is truly only one person at the top, Hawken. The God King is the only ruler the nation has ever had, he's the founder and eternal king. He's a man of tremendous ego but with a fiery need to prove his words. His mix of bravado and willingness to be proved by actions makes him an enigmatic man. When he created his Children, he did so with the thought of spreading his vision throughout the land. Shortly after the creation of his people, he realized they needed a doctrine to follow. It only made sense that it should be written by him and that his words would become law of the land.


Just Be Like Hawken

The Keys to Success is an interesting as its part book and part doctrine. While the phrase may make it seem as if it had a number of points, it's actually more of an ever-changing list of ideology and thought quizzes. Every Childe is given a copy of the national doctrine from creation. While it's not the official religion of the land, all children are taught the Keys the Success in school. As well its the best selling book of all time, which makes it an easy topic to discuss in public. The perpetual growth of the nation and especially High Perch, has only increased the book's popularity. In a land where it seems like the deities have all the power, the thought of stealing their secrets is always scintillating.


What is a Man?

One of the most read chapters from the Keys to Success is a what amounts to a mini book. At over 400 pages, this special section is given to all Children at adulthood. A subtle reminder as to what's expected of them and a guide given by their father.


What is Anger?

Hawklore is not a pacificist nation, but Hawken personally doesn't value violence much. Particularly in the capital, violence is of any sort is outlawed. One of the Keys to Success is managing your anger. In Hawken's eyes, violence is only a last resort, and that the tongue should do all the work.

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