The Gods don't dare enter the 'Nest

A land where gods do not rule, spirits live with man and pirates roam the water. Grimnest offers adventures and dangers for all who roam it.



Mountain of God

Grimnest is cut off from the rest of the north, and especially Garuda , by a living mountain range, Enkai the Mountain. The surly ancient mountain god has not let any visitors safely travel across his cliffs in eons. Many still try the perilous journey, looking for fortune or safety as they cross from either side. Those that try, are never heard from again. Even other deities are not given safe passage. Any time a deity has tried to set foot upon the surly mountain, a quake begins to rumble underneath. No deity so far has been brave enough to risk the potential fury of an ancient, and angry, mountain.

Spirits Everywhere

Grimnest is alone and isolated in the North. There are no known deities in Grimnest, and while many guess as to why no one knows for certain. Some people point to the pseudo guardian mountain, some say its just that the people of Grimnest are lost even to the gods. There are even whispers of a sleeping divine entity beneath Grimnest that repels the other deities. But all just salacious rumors as far as anyone knows. While there are no deities in Grimnest, there are spirts.

Grim Citizens

People of Grimnest are known as The Grimm . Through the centuries they've come to rely on their ancestors to guide and protect them. Some families with ancient ancestors are even able to control them as a Guardian Spirit. While this is not extremely common, its common enough for it to be a defining point of Grimm society. To most citizens of the 'Nest, ancestors are the gods and are treated with the respect they deserve. This causes Grimm society to squeeze out people who choose not to work together and respect the old ways. Some of those spurned souls turn to the sea.

Pirates of Grimnest

South Grimnest houses some of the largest criminal factions on Tikor . The lead pirate faction Heaven's Fall launches out of the rogue port city, Port Royal. They are one of the few nautical groups who know how to safely navigate The Grand Divide . They frequently raid the south coast of Grimnest, Garuda and the Isle in search of treasure and supplies. When people think Grimnest, they think pirates, and when they think pirates, it's usually Heaven's Fall . Led by the enigmatic pirate lord, Nubia , they rule the seas around Grimnest and should be avoided at all cost.

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Raiders on Land

While the Fallen rule the sea, a different group controls the criminal enterprising on land, the vicious Crimson Hyena's What started out as a ragtag group of troublemakers, has grown into an efficient group of raiders. Working together as a group they descend upon villages, raiding food, water, and supplies as fast as they can. Anyone who resists is killed. The Crimson have no love for the old traditions that most Grimm live by. The Dog Pack believe in living life how they want to, and by their rules. They mainly stalk the central section of Grimnest, with rumors saying their base of operations is located somewhere in the caves below Enkai.

Bounty Hunters

It's not all criminals in Grimnest though, there are those with the intention of bringing order to the land. The White Jackals are a group of Grimm bounty hunters with one purpose in mind, to cleanse Grimnest of the criminal activity it's become known for. Rather than try to fight numbers with numbers, the Jackals go for a more specialized approach. Each member is chosen for their mastery of espionage, surveillance and the ability to invoke a Guardian Spirit. An agent is sent to spots where conflict has or is about to break out and stop it.   The White Ones, however, aren't assassins. While expertly trained, their true goal is the destruction of the criminal element in its whole. This includes things such as training locals in self-defense and how to fortify their towns. Though there are also agents who are more partial to a direct approach. And legendary stories of figures clad all in white who rain wrath on pirates and raiders alike are not uncommon.

Omicron and Prime

The north portion of Grimrest though is far different than the rest. Over the last decade pioneer and Omicron Technologies CEO, Kent Musa has turned a burgeoning fishing town into a sprawling metropolis dripping in the latest technology. Prime , as the city is known now, would be considered the jewel of the North if Grimnest had a more prestigious reputation. Despite Grimnest justly deserved reputation for plundering, Prime has never been visited by pirates or land raiders. No one knows for sure why, but a plethora of rumors float around the 'Nest as to why. From Omicron Technologies bribes Heaven's Fall , to Omicron supplies the gangs with weapons, all the way to far fetched ones such as Musa being the secret head of all crime in Grimnest. Either way, Prime remains surprising safe from outside forces.


Vast mountain range to the east.   Extremely rocky terrain and jagged cliffs around the southeast.   Flatlands in the middle.

Natural Resources


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