Flames of Justice Immortal

Garuyda the Great Phoenix is the mother figure of Garuda, as well as its eternal guardian and caretaker.




Birth of a Land

In the beginning, Ishvana created Tikor and its surrounding areas. After this, she made her first children. Garuyda was among the first of these gods born onto the land. However, the supreme creator did not birth these children as easily as she had crafted the world. The first generation was born to Ishvana in various ways, each different and mysterious. Garuyda came in the form of a swirling, burgundy colored egg. Ishvana knew that she wanted this child to have a special tie with the land, so she entrusted the egg to the care of the Elementals until it hatched. Knowing that the child was especially warm-natured, Ishavna instructed the Elementals to make the egg's hatchery in the midst of a recently created volcano.


Birth by Fire

As instructed, the Elementals deposited the freshly laid egg deep within the volcano that would later be known as Mount Olenga. It was there that the egg bathed in the warmth of the volcano's blistering heat. After three days, a violent rumble could be heard from deep underground, and the Elementals gathered around to witness the event that this disturbance would lead to. With a fiery explosion of rocks and ash, the Phoenix came screaming from the volcano, its feathers dripping in bright, molten lava. The Flame Elemental looked up at the grand bird and asked it, "What is your name, bird of flame?" The Phoenix cried out with a volcanic shriek, "Garuyda the Great."


Garuyda's First

After her fiery birth, the Phoenix flew across the vast land, basking in the world that had become her home. Her mother, Ishvana, had wanted this place to be as her own. The land was new, and yet burgeoning with potential. The first generation of gods on Tikor, such as Garuyda, were especially powerful. Among their other powers, they were also gifted with the ability to create life. The Emberbird also wanted to create her own children, and so began to utilize this power. She desired that her offspring would be able to live and utilize the world that she had fallen so in love with. Her first creations were deities of the land that would later be called Garuda. Karu legends say that Garuyda flapped her wings and thousands of feathers flew across the land. Where these feathers fell is where a deity was born.


Garuyda's Children

Together with her children, Garuyda began to craft the wild landscape into something that all types of creatures could inhabit. Valleys, mountains, streams, and forests were all given life as the divine class set to work making Tikor a true paradise. Eventually, it was time to create the mortal beings that would truly settle the land. They would be less powerful than the Garuyda's first children, but they would be bountiful with the ability to use the land in ways the gods can not. With that, The Karu, See'er and Dihoma people were born from the Phoenix. Each were different from one another, but all of them were her children. The Great Phoenix asked the deities to watch over the fragile mortals as if they were not her children, but their own.

Garuda Midbanner
Dragon Vs. Phoenix by Unknown

Garyuda and The Wretched Ones locked in battle


Harmony Until Dawn

For a time, things were good. All the pieces of the world worked together in harmony and unison: deities, animals, and humans. In the background, the divine entities and Elementals shaped the underlying balance of the world with Garuyda as the leader. The peace was shattered when the dark shadow of Xavian, the Withering King, arrived. The divine entity of corruption had sensed a fertile world fresh for the picking. As Xavain began fighting with Ishvana, Xavian took advantage of the distraction he had caused to steal a handful of Tikor's Elementals. Garuyda herself watched firsthand as Xavian ripped them from the world with his cosmic power. She could only look on in horror as her dear friends and allies were kidnapped as part of a war between two titanic gods. As she watched Xavian enclose her kidnapped friends into a sun-like prison, she knew they wouldn't return as the same beings they once were.


Horror Returned

The second sun exploded with a cry as winged nightmares spewed from the incendiary womb. The Elementals had been morphed into the antihesis of their makings. Once emblems of nature and bastions of power, now they were symbols of horror and bringers of disasters. The Wretched Ones, as they would be named, descended upon the world. If Xavian couldn't beat Ishvana head on, then he would make her world destroy itself. Corruption in the form of treason. The worlds defenders, Ishvana's children, all rose to defend their world. In the land that would be Garuda, three of Xavian's new dragon horrors set down, spreading disaster in their wake. Where once were lakes of clean and clear water, now lay pits pits of festering bile that had been tainted just by the foul presence of these corrupted horrors.

Hear me, my old friend! Wake up! I know it's still you in there, the Earth Elemental of Tikor. Remember our sacred duty! Remember the time we all spent here. Remember what you once were.

— Ishvana to Ryuu'jin
Excerpt from "The Phoenix Chronicles: A Search for the Truth"

Thirteen Flames, Two Dragons

In front of Garuyda stood a trio of Wretched. The former Earth Elemental, now known as Ryuujin, the former Flame Elemental, now known as Yobida, and the former Sky Elemental, now the vile Inkyaban. It pained her to see her longtime friends transformed into such horrible visages. She called out to them, trying to appeal to their former natures, but to avail. The trio of fiends attacked the Ember Phoenix, ending any hopes for a peace between them. The three dragons proved far too much for the Phoenix, but Garuyda wouldn't stay down despite their brutal assault. For every time she took a fatal strike, she would burst into flames and ash, only to rise again. Tikor itself was behind the Great Phoenix. Something stirred inside of Ryuu'jin with each resurrection, the heartfelt love for the earth began to crack through his reprogramming. As the battle seemed all but lost and began to Garuyda come back slower with each death, the former earth elemental turned on the other dragons. Garuyda's heartfelt devotion had reminded Ryuu'jin of who he once had been.


Eternal Flame

With the dragon, Ryuujin, betraying his newly formed pack, the battle shifted. He fought with a fervor one could expect from someone who had realized they had been stolen and brainwashed for nefarious purposes. His memories continued to come back as he and Ishvana fought side by side. Together the two of them were able to subdue the great beasts, imprisoning them somewhere that they would never be able to escape from. After the battle, the fiery bird of creation informed Ryuu'jin and her flock of bittersweet news. The battle had left her weak and vulnerable, barely able to hold a tangible form. With the safety of the land resting on her children, the emberbird returned to where it all started, Mount Olenga. There, she would sleep in its warmth until she was whole again. As a way for her children to still feel her presence, she left a bit of her flame in a special cauldron. The Eternal Flame, as the Karu call it, is a piece of Garuyda's lifeforce. Today, it used to this day to show the worthiness validity of a king and ensure their fitness to rule.

Divine Domains

Justice, Truth, Flames

Tenets of Faith

For Garuyda and those who follow her, the ultimate tenets are caring for the land and caring for your fellow creatures. As a Divine Entity, Garuyda holds a special place in the hearts of many. Like her mother before her, she was willing to sacrifice her life for the betterment of those to come. The beliefs she left in her wake reflect that principle.  

Nurture the Land

For Garuyda, the land isn't just something you stand on. It was created by her mother and perfected by her hand and her and the work of her children. Tikor carries a special bond of symbiosis with its people, regardless of whether they are divine or not. The Great Phoenix understands this more so than most, and sought to spread that knowledge to all. Forests can easily be abused, and the soil can be polluted, therefore everyone must make a conscious effort to do right by the land they live on. The divine forests can be made into allies, when treated well and with respect.

Water the Soul

Sometimes The Divinity speak as if Garuyda knew that darkness was coming. In the days before Xavian's coming, she would often advocate for her children to find a strength from within themselves. That no matter the troubles and temptations of life, that the correct answers always come from within. Garuyda especially believed in the power of the her human children, as she found their capacity for emotional range to be a boon to the self-searching she supported. Her words are often repeated by The Divinity in times of turmoil. The dangers of Xavian's Touch is always on their minds, and resolve and purpose are the key to warding it off.



Mother (Vital)

Towards Hawken




Son (Important)

Towards Garuyda




Hawken is Garuyda's son and that is basically all that is known about their relationship. Hawken does not talk about the Great Phoenix at all. Nor does he discuss his time in Garuda before he founded his own nation of Hawklore.


Mother (Vital)

Towards Mime




Daughter (Vital)

Towards Garuyda




Mime is another one of Garuyda's children and the Divinity of Wisdom. Mime rarely ever talked about her mother.

Garuyda Portrait
Sketch XXIII by Charlie Bowater

Garuyda's Human Form

Divine Classification
Divine Entity
Divine Entity
5000 D.A 3000 D.A 2000 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Garuyda was born from an egg that was placed in the active volcano, Mount Olenga, by the supreme creator, Ishvana.
Circumstances of Death
While not truly dead, Garuyda expended the last of her fire in the fight against The Wretched Ones. She currently sleeps deep with the place of her birth, Mount Olenga.
Aligned Organization
The Eyes of Garuda

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Nichole Roach
4 Oct, 2018 17:20

You are an excellent storyteller! I enjoy reading your articles and seeing the artwork. The only confusion I have is that sometimes it seems that Ishvana and Garuyda are interchanged in places, such as the Eternal Flame section, but I may be misreading it. I like that she seems to have warned her children that there is darkness in the world, but they can keep it from spreading. Is this a campaign or a novel?

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Thanks, I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Oh good catch, that's a mistake at the end for sure! Ishvana didn't have time to warn everyone about Xavian. In the context of that final part, Garyuda is mainly warning them that the threat is never truly gone. That they all have stay vigilant.

This the backstory for the world as whole. I'll be using that for novels and for the tabletop game. The system right now is going to be Genesys. The first novel though will actually center around the events of The Day of Reckoning and The Longest Night

The Longest Night
Military Conflict | Sep 15, 2018

The war between Garuda and Vinyata that changed the Era

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Your attention to detail is astounding. The layout, and the series of myths associated with Garuda leave little doubt in my mind about what kind of Deity she is.   You say that she died at the age of 2000, around 3000 years before the era. So, is the eternal flame the only presence of her lifeforce left? Are there any cults that would want to resurrect her by somehow taking the eternal flame back to the site of her battle with the wretched?

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Thank you for the kind words! I truly plan to go deep with the lore in Swordsfall, so expect all the things to be fleshed out over time. :D   Yes and No to the eternal flame. Her body is in Mount Olenga, sleeping deep within it. Her essence is in the Eternal Flame. There is a pseudo-cult that circled around it, it's called the Divine Order of the Phoenix.   They know that Garuyda will be back one day, that is what phoenix's do. It's more like, how can we curry as much favor with her as possible before she comes back.

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Whoa, that was awesome! I knew your world was cool (or hot, apparently? :P), but damn, I hadn't really immersed myself to Swordsfall. The article sucked me in from the beginning. The writing style is great, the formatting is on point and the story itself is quite original, I would say! I know that Swordsfall is based on African myths and traditions. To what extent does this article draw from African lore? Maybe I just find it original because I have no idea about African mythologies (although basing your world on them is already very original by itself!).   I liked the fact that Garuyda is this not-supreme god but at the same time the one that defends and protects the world from the Wretched. And oh my phoenix, that ending when one of the Wretched realizes what's happening and helps Garuyda is so lovely! Is Garuyda still recovering from the fight? Does she plan on going back with humanity to actively help them more once she is able to, or will she help them "behind the scenes" as most deities do?   That was a great read, and I definitely hope to be able to read something else on Swordsfall before WorldEmber ends. See you around! :)

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You are so great at story-telling and usage of this format that you made me actually read the entirety of the story. I usually start blacking out after more than 300 words. xD
So, is Garuyda coming back? And if so, what would that mean for her children and for the mortals?

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