Protecting Vinyata while being a threat to Garuda

At the most northern edge of Vinyata sits its furthest city, it's frontier city. With the southern edge of Garuda only a strip of land away, Forefront truly lies at the front of Vinyata.  




The Frontlines

Forefront is a city almost literally on the frontlines. The frontlines of what seems like an inevitable war with Garuda. When the city was originally constructed it was meant as a forward staging base. An offensive and defense Node of The Web. The idea itself was simple yet ambitious. A frontier city connected to The Web that would allow fast deployment of assault forces and internal defense forces.


Industrial Turn

While the plan was for Forefont to be more of a military installation, over the years it's grown into a hybrid city. One part military and one part industrial city. While the threat of conflict was everpresent, it also wasn't happening. After over a 100 years of quiet but peaceful tension, it became obvious that the Node needed to become something more. Hundreds of thousands of troops could not just sit idly by. So over the years it became custom for soldiers off of rotation to work various jobs around the Node.


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Cover image: City by Joakim Olofsson


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