Eagle Eye Tower

A building tall enough to fit his Ego

Eagle Eye is a high rise tower located in the heart of High Perch, the capital city of Hawklore. Serves as boarding for the rich, elite, and Hawken himself.


Tallest in the World

With a view overlooking almost the entire country, the sight is breathtaking, to say the least. Hawken himself resides at the top of the 123rd floor building of the towering building. Eagle Eye was the first large-scale building to be built in High Perch, Hawken wanted his status to be seen immediately. The tower has grown in size since its original building. As other cities around Tikor grew, Hawken made sure his city stayed a step ahead. If a large tower of any kinda was being built, be it religious, political, or scientific, he made sure Eagle's Eye was better. The largest increase in the number of floors happened when the illustrious Prime was beginning its mega expansion. The god-king went on a mad spree to find an architect or dreamer with the courage to go bigger. It shows as to how personal he takes his dwelling. The god himself even picked the spot that the builders would break soil on. To say the land and the tower is sacred would be an understatement. With Hawken being a god, his home is considered a temple, its very land sacred ground. There is always a few groups of worshippers praying up to the god on the tower grounds.


All the Shinies

The uber tower is about opulence and grandiose fit for a god. Every inch of floor was handcraft custom from the best marble and the best wood. Linens with thread counts that boggles the mind. Every inch of the looming tower is built with the best in mind. The budget for the luxury building is always unlimited, Hawken has no interest in hearing the word no when it comes to his domicile. The eccentric deity formed a special scout company to do nothing but search Tikor for the rarest of minerals, metals, and gems. To him it wasn't just about it looking good, it had to have a story of rarity that befits the reputation of his home. The reception desk itself is worth more than an entire towns net worth. The reputation for beauty has persuaded many architects, artists, and visionaries to High Perch in the hopes of being known as selected by the notoriously picky ruler. As the allure of the city and its crown grew, the rich and powerful began to flock toward the tower in an effort to curry favor to the vain deity.


Kissing Up

Half of the towers below Hawken's penthouse are also premium living quarters for the rich and famous. After the final expansion, the foreman in charge of the project suggested that all the additional space, it would make great living quarters. Up until that point, the hulking building had only housed Hawken himself, along with rooms for him to conduct business. The idea interested Hawken, knowing the advantages he could leverage. And so 2,000 apartments were constructed inside the unused floors of the tower. Eager to get into the God King's good graces, wealthy merchants, barons and others, every living quarter space is usually owned at any given time of the year.


God Above You All

The biggest benefit of the height of Eagle's Eye is that it can be seen from anywhere in High Perch, and a substantial distance from the city. It reinforces the message of Hawken being the supreme ruler of Hawklore and his ability to watch over all. The very top of the tower was formed to resemble a hawk's head and in that large fixture lies Hawklore's penthouse. The 25,000 sq foot penthouse is a shrine to the hubris of man. Diamond encrusted window seals, floors made from rare marble only mined in a cave in the Ebon Cascade. The list goes on, each piece has a story and an exuberant price tag. It is known that one of the best ways to earn favor with the king is to listen to his elaborate and lengthy stories about each of his favorite pieces.


Annual Style Makeover

As time goes by, Hawken makes sure the tower stays up to date in look and technology. On average, Eagle Eye receives two major renovations a year. The God King keeps track of all the latest styles and if he finds something that strikes his fancy, then construction is underway. Often he'll find that a style or material he liked is being used more, this also prompts construction. His goal of Eagle Eye being the crowning jewel means being unique. Experts are brought in as part of any large-scale makeover to ensure that the looks are stable but rare and beautiful.


Mirror Mirror

While a deity, Hawken has many of the same trappings that his mortal flock has. One of them being vanity, Hawken is obsessed with keeping up with styles and techniques. Part of the beauty and success of the many renovations is Hawken's reasonableness when it comes to his ambitions. He would always put form and function above even his own personal taste. No matter how often he would demand a change, it would always seem to work out, showcasing the God King's eye for style.


All That Shimmers

Precious metals are the name of the game at Eagle's Eye. The rarer the substance, the better. Hawken personally commissioned divers to find the rarest minerals and gem to further support his aura of exclusiveness. Every inch of the tower and his ground is blindingly shiny with gemstones and polished perfectly.


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8 Jul, 2018 14:01

I like the detail of the tower, and how it really is a modern incarnation of traditional god-kings' vanity

9 Jul, 2018 03:59

Thanks! I really wanted to convene a modern sort of vanity, but not in a greedy corporate way, but a narcissistic god.

8 Jul, 2018 14:40

Dang, Hawken... that is some Fate Gilgamesh level of luxury. Your article formatting is absolutely on point. You already do all the things I advise other writers to pay attention to, so there is little I can offer in the way of polishing it visually. However, I have recently learned that justified text can be very tough to read for dyslexic people due to the uneven spacing. I love justified text, so what I do to mitigate this problem a little bit is to activate auto-hyphenation of words, this evens out the word spacing a little. The CSS code for this is:

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O.o I got a wave of vertigo looking at the image above your sidebar, not necessarily a bad thing. Even without reading Hawken's article just from the way you talk about the tower reveal a lot about his character and values. The worshippers you mentioned, are they actually allowed in the tower? Or are even the wealthiest of them considered nothing more than filthy rabble unfit to even look upon the inside of his domain? How do the various floors look? Like are there some dedicated solely for displaying Hawken's various treasures while others massive bedrooms? How big is the staff that waits on Hawken?

9 Jul, 2018 06:09

I'm glad you were able to get that impression, that's what I was going for! I'm going to go back soon and add all those details in, I actually have all the answers!

13 Jul, 2018 02:06

I really love the subtitle, it made me giggle and set the tone of the article. I really enjoy how in detail his vanity is, and honestly if I could afford it I'd have rare gemstones everywhere too! Maybe in t he future you could find a way to show off that hawk heading of the tower? I think it would be really imposing. Lovely article! : D

13 Jul, 2018 05:04

This article is really fun to read. Very nice work. And it's clear this was thought out too. Fitting for a god. Well done. The illustrations are spot on too.

13 Jul, 2018 06:11

I love the details in the article. I like how Hawken's character is apparent through his tower itself, it really sets how vane this deity is and how it affected the building and reflected by it too.

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