Curses and the Power of Language

In a land filled with deities, spirits and more, the power of cursing takes on a new meaning.

Sacred Language

While language is a tool meant to bond creatures, in a world where magic flows through the world via divine beings, that tool becomes different. Actions and words often carry weight, to say a deities name is to call upon its very essence. Using that same name in defilement carries an equal and opposite reaction. The same energy that flows from deity to human can be subverted by mental energies mixed with physical expression. To sum it up, to curse a gods name is the same as cursing a god. This distinction breaks negative language between insults and curses.



What is the difference between an insult and a curse? The difference is the intent of the speaker's heart. When it's said out of anger, jest or jealousy, it's simply an insult. While not pleasant or nice, an insult is merely meant to point out flaws in the intended victim while elevating the speaker. However, when it's said from a place of hate, malice, and vengeance, it becomes a curse. And when curses are involved, beings lurking in the dark are always listening. This combined with the pettiness that some deities display, negative language takes on a new meaning. Over time this has led most common insults to be very direct with either comical or gross undertones.

Koi nei dafon iya e - It Won't Get Any Better for Your Mom
— Vinyata Insult in Native Tongue

It's Ok If It's Funny

The favorite insults across Tikor are always the ones that end up in thunderous laughter and applause. While the mysterious land has many different cultures, everyone can agree on one thing; you can't feel that bad when it's funny. While the subject nature of the insult can vary, the wording and intent is always to make onlookers laugh hysterically. This often leads to the victim of the insult countering with their own pun riddle insult. This usually results in the two parties exchanging insults back and forth in a furious match to be the one who draws the biggest laughs. In Garuda comical insults tend to revolve around low intelligence, bestiality and often incest. The most popular being a combination of goat sex and maternal jokes.


Cruel Intentions

When negative language crosses that threshold from funny into mean-spirited is when things start to shift. That's not to say that the very act of speaking ill on someone is a curse, it requires something deeper than that. When the true intent and desire in the speaker is hatred and wish to do harm to someone is when it begins to turn. Curses start when the words are cruel and mean, no laughter to be had because it simply wasn't funny. The phrases are meant to wound, and while sometimes there is laughter from the audience, it's usually out of mockery and not elation.

Common Phrases
Tu Ewule Oshina You Stupid Goat Fucker


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