Chapter: The Principles of Prime


A young man from the outskirts of Garuda visits the Future City, Prime, and gets lost in the lights and darkness.


Prime quickly gained a reputation around Tikor as the city of the Future. A shining example as to what technology and its advances could bring. With each addition to its growing edifice, its reputation spread further. For those living in the fringes of society or merely the fringes of the border, the tales of lights and glitter seemed all too glorious.


This story is through the perspective of an average kid from the small forest village in Garuda. Ultimately the location of his hometown doesn't matter, because it's an experience that any foreigner would have to a city like no other. While tech exists in various levels on Tikor, no city has it in such a grand scale as Prime. Its sense of size and wonder is overwhelming to all but the most steely of traveler.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Matola land in the Prime harbor for the first time. He's taken in by the sights and scenes. This makes him forget some of the things he was taught.
  • Young Matola gets convinced by another traveler to visit "the best bar in Prime", The Lucky Dime. This bar is actually a front for a local gang that preys on travelers.
  • Matola becomes the victim of a snatch and grabs when he has his wallet stolen while talking to the decoy girl. He attempts to chase after them but gets lost in an alleyway.
  • Matola while lost, ends up in the slums of Eastern Prime. While he's trying to get directions, the peacekeepers arrive and he is mistaken for a vagrant.


Innocence lost. Matola shows up with stars in his eyes but quickly realizes that that's not how it really works in Prime. Each encounter shows to him that everyone has their own motivations. That just because you approach something with earnest doesn't always yield results.





The Friendly Bartender


City of Prime


The Lucky Dice Krew

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