Beneath It All

What Nightmares Dream Of

There lies another world barely separated from Tikor. One in which the greatest evil known lies in wait. Waiting for his chance to finish what he started.



Darkness Incarnate

Beneath It All is the semi-universal name for the murk that lies underneath every evil decision, every vile creature and around every shadowy corner. That dark voice in the back of your mind whispering sweet malice to you is not always an illusion. Parents around the world have long used this primal fear as a fearsome bedtime story to scare their children, even though deep down they too are terrified by it. The old and oft-whispered myth that Raksha seep through cracks from Beneath It All is as old as time itself.


Xavian Waits

The mother creator of Tikor , Ishvana , sacrificed herself to protect her world from Xavian's corruption. Through her martyrdom, the mortal realm of Tikor is cut off from The Withering King's corrupting reach. No matter the method, Xavian can not directly affect the physical world of Tikor. However, this doesn't preclude him from his ultimate goal of corruption. Where once he would utilize his very essence to decimate the reality around him, he now has to resort to more indirect methods. While the ether and material plane of existence that Tikor sits on is protected from harm, the place that Xavian now calls home is just below the surface.

Knock knock, said the shadow. The small child shrank in the dimly lit corner of his room. He hadn't meant to call the shadow. It was just a prank his friends at school had convinced him to try.

ANSWER ME, the apparition bellowed.

The boy wept in his dreadful ignorance. He hadn't wanted this.

It was supposed to be a JOKE Through his fraught sobs he wiped his tear stained eyes. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could no longer make out the shadow. He let out a sigh of relief

KNOCK KNOCK, he heard as he felt the hot stench of its breath on his neck.
— Excerpt from "The Boy Who Called to the Unspoken"


Beneath It All

Where the corrupting Divine Entity dwells is a place that is, in essence, not a place. It cannot be visited by any mortal, nor may any creature inside willingly depart. The dimension truly belongs to him, and Xavian molds it and its inhabitants as if they were moist clay. It's a place you can't go to, yet it's also right there underneath the soles of your feet. It's not a physical realm where the separation is clear-cut, the rules are murkier than that. It's a plane of existence where only strange, ancient and powerful forces are keeping the two planes separated. Some of the worse nightmare creatures in creation and a dark lord of corruption who rules them all is just Beneath it All.


Whispers In the Dark

Ether energy only flows naturally to the divine from the Etherforce itself. While mortals can harness this energy, they have to call on it through their chosen deity. With that call and alliance comes certain protections. Those protections involve a barrier that inhibits anything from other dimensions interacting with the patron. But when that call and bond is given up, so is that protection. What few humans realize is this is what keeps Xavian's corrupting whisper from seeping in. An alluring whisper of dark dreams and temptations. He can not physically interact with the mortal world of Tikor , but he can exploit any holes put there. Intentionally or otherwise.


Beneath It All Midarticle

World on Fire by Unknown

The magical world of Tikor balanced against the hellscape of Beneath It All


Corruption From Within

The land of Tikor is alluring and yet cruel. This is no more apparent than the fact that when humans are at their weakest moment mentally is also when they have the greatest chance to be corrupted. It's not an overnight process though, it's a slow creeping corruption that grows and spreads, infecting the person like an unholy virus. When this happens the host starts going through a number of changes that include violent mood swings, extreme irritability, increased violent tendencies, and vivid hallucinations. This is the onset of the hybrid virus and curse, Xavian's Touch .


Den of Beasts

When Raksha are banished or killed they are sent to Beneath It All. In a way, they return to their vile maker to be judged for their deeds and actions on Tikor. Or whether, an carnage evalution with high marks for extreme savagery. Some tales also say Raksha may return when called by Xavian himself, but if so no one knows how that is possible. When humans are corrupted by Xavian's Touch is truly when Raksha are able to latch on and possess a corrupted host. The Touch can be cured, but once a person is possessed by a Raksha, there is no returning to being mortal. The human's soul becomes devoured by the ravenous deepspawn, upon which leaves the human meat suit in the posession of the creature.


Horror Beyond Imagination

There are many horrors on Tikor , enough to almost balance out the magic and wonder that it is. However, none compare to the madness that is the walking embodiment of malice. When Raksha do walk on Tikor, nothing but sheer horror and terror fall in their wake. There is often nothing subtle about either their appearance or their hunting methods. Raksha comes in various shapes and varities, as each one is a unique spawn of evils reflection. One thing they do have in common is their sheer size. After consuming a host, they warp and mold the host body into hulking learing monsters of flesh and bone. They care nothing for human life or decorum. Nor do they care about natures balance and the role it plays. They want nothing more than the warm feeling of blood splashing on their face. They will stalk town streets and city fairways in the hunt for flesh. Their hunger cannot be stopped, and often neither can they.

Blood Priest by Veli Nyström

Obalu the Ravenous Hunger


The Hungry One

There have only been a handful of confirmed sightings of Raksha in recorded history. The validity of these sightings leave no question as the size and goriness of these terror sprees. They are often so public that they leave searing memories on the survivors for years to come. The most infamous Raksha encounter was by a horror named Obalu the Ravenous in the town of Ghinor, Garuda . Its unknown who its host originally was, but the locals remember the blood-curdling howl that pierced the calm Garuda night upon its birth. The living nightmare went sprinting full force through the town streets, snatching up anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path. Obalu cackled as he impaled the helpless victims upon his hellish hunting spear that had been brought with him from the dread dimension. The local Celestial Shields attempted to subdue the hulking fiend but were turned into red inksplots on sight.

With a power and fierceness never seen before, Obalu was left unmatched and through the course of the night systematically ran from house to house with wanton slaughter. The Divinity in the area quietly and mysteriously disappeared, unwilling to tangle with the Raksha . He would go on terrorized the villages of western and central Garuda from the woods for almost 50 years. Many aspiring heroes and upstart Celestial Shields attempted to slay Obalu, all died horribly. This would continue until the Order finally launched a massive campaign against the hellspawn. A full regiment of The Divine Order of the Phoenix's finest soldiers were sent to end Obalus reign of terror. When the soldiers entered the fiend's lair, the monstrous creature was waiting for them on a mound of over 27,000 skulls. Every single one of them picked clean meticulously to the bone. The only visible marks were the scoring left by Obalu's teeth. Approximately 1500 men descended on the scene to end the demon. When the bloody battle was over, Obalu was dead, as well as nearly 1200 of the elite force.

Obalu the Ravenous is often used as a grim reminder that there are not only gods on Tikor, but demons as well. Creatures from Beneath It All have power unlike anything imagined, even in a world of magic. Their time spent in the abyss gives them abilities unheard of with an almost seemingly endless supply of ether. No knows what the dark dimension is like, but what is clear is that there are more abominations like Obalu waiting for their chance to feed their cavernous appetites.

The thing that haunts me the most about that day isn't even all the death. We were all more than prepared to die that day. You had to be deaf and dumb to not hear the stories. So yea,no one expected to come back alive. But we wanted to protect our land, and I wanted to protect my family. So like I said, it wasn't all the death that stuck with me. Though I do miss many of my brothers and sisters that died that day.

What haunts me really was its cackle. Every time he fell a soldier he would let out this laugh that sounded like metal grinding on metal. It would rear its head back and just...laugh at us. That damn thing died with a smile on its face. As if he knew it wasn't the end.
— Prime Shield Arjani
Excerpt from "The Unending Hunger: The 50-year spree of Obalu Raksha of Hunger"


It's hard to say whether or not this other plane of existence has any sort of geography or not. No living soul has been to the realm and returned to tell the tale. Many Diviners and researchers even posit that its impossible to go to Beneath It All. More so, even if you could, why would anyone want to? The dark dimension does, however, affect the geography of Tikor in a number of ways.  

The Winter Solstice

During this time of the year, Tikor is farther from the primary sun, and instead closer to the second sun, Adume. As a consequence monster activity spikes as the season creeps closer toward winter. In the final few days before Tikor reaches the furthest distance from the sun is when outbreaks of Xavian's Touch peak. Diviners and Spirit Mediums will often cease communicating across the veil, the danger for unwanted passengers becomes too much for any but the most elite. No one has ever bothered to wonder why, as the answer is quite plain. The closer Tikor is to the cursed second sun, the thinner the protection from the unspoken plane becomes.

The Dark Spiral

There's a spot where the various ocean currents meet in the vast waters of The Grand Divide . A whirling cyclone of waters clashing and temperature fluctuations makes the area nearly impossible to sail through. Since the beginning of nautical travel, humans have learned to navigate around the large swath of treacherous waters. Though the few adventurous or unlikely sailors that have seen the inside of the spiral all swear upon the same thing. At the center of the ominous 500-mile wide dark spiral lies a strange beam of light that seems to pass through the center of the water and down into something else. Its often said noted that Raksha appear closer to the coast than inland, and whispers abound that the Dark Spiral more than just erratic weather. It conceals a portal to the realm of horror.

Beneath it All Portrait
Jersey Devil by Alex Konstaz
"Yessss....renounce the"

The Patient One

The other nickname for the corrupting Divine Entity is The Patient One. An almost homage to the beings willingness to simply wait for humans to stray afoul. He's the boogieman that is almost never seen or heard. He patiently waits in his dimensional prison with the wisdom only an immortal being may possess. The Withering King merely waits until just the right time and just the right person to reveal himself. He is truly playing the long game, and for him, there is no need to rush.

For he is forever
Alternative Name(s)
The Underworld, Dark Dimension, The Unspoken Place
Dimensional plane
Location under
Characters in Location

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