Totally Not Used For Fighting

From Omicron Technologies comes an item that mixes the function of a bag with the zip of short-range teleportation.




Rad Grimms

A radical new invention stemming from Grimnest. A small Latimer Drive has been fitted to the inside of the backpack. Using the latest in Azurean Drive technology, it's one of the most light-weight non-commercial drives out there!


Short Zips

The user is able to teleport to the backpack within short distances (Up to 5 meters) or bring it to them. The unique drive inside of the Back-Port makes it easy to lock on to, ensuring fast and quick movement!

I think we're supposed to use it if we like, loss our bag or something. But really it just makes it awesome for fights. I'm pretty sure that's why anyone has one actually...
Get your Back-Port Now! From Omicron Technlogoies


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Cover image: UA:LA My Hero Academia Fan film by Christopher C. Cowen


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