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Vox was the first dwarf to discover the fiery plant in the depths of Horto's Lake, which was named after him. He was born 650 years ago in Merlon's Keep into a small worker family, but his urge for adventure soon brought him to the shores of Horto's Lake. No one knows exactly why he decided to dive into the waters, though some say he had a vision of Horto himself. With this discovery, he brought the empires the last piece to win against the Windsong rebellion and became an hero to dwarves and humans alike.  After this feat he spent the next 65 years diving again and again into the waters of Horto's Lake and mapping the ground of the lake. He found all of the places known today, where Glowing Vox grows. Then, he decided, that the time for new adventures came. He traveled to the human city of Tam with the quest of finding the source of the ever blue water in the Blue Bay. But his ship and crew was hit by bad storm and never seen again.

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