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The Legend

It is told, that Horto was the first dwarf to discover the magic under the mountains, which he formed into the druidic forces known today. To give his people an ever lasting fresh source of water, he created a big lake at the foot of the Endless Mountains. This powerful magical act consumed him fully and he became part of the lake, if the legends are to believed. Still to this day his spirit lives on in the waves of the lake, it is said.

The God

Horto is part of the lyrian pantheon as god of water and life. As one of five gods, he is prayed to by all dwarves of Tal'Lyra. His main shrine, build out of blue stone, is on the shores of Horto's Lake, where many dwarves make a pilgrimage to thank him for the gift of life. He gives his priests the power to perform miracles, such as making it rain, protecting the children from diseases and even finding new sources of water in the mountains. The Lyria believe, that Horto is the youngest god of their pantheon, only brought to his status by Erlo after the God of the Mountains saw, what Horto did to help the dwarves. The first day of the week is named after him and the yearly Festival of Life  is dedicated to him.

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