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Home in the jungles of the Elderwoods, the Hevsus is a dangerous predator at the top of the food chain. The furred beast usually hunts alone, slaying its prey with his sharp claws or his vicious teeth. Only for a few weeks at the end of spring, the Hevsus hunts in a pack, as this is when their offspring is born and is taught how to stalk and chase their food. While the animal is probably remotely related to the Ero, it is much bigger in size, as it is nearly as big as a horse. The long fur, which covers the beast completely is usually brownish, only some specimen have a darker shade. While the Hevsus normally catches its prey with his phenomenal speed, as most of them are even faster than the horse of courier, it is also very tenacious, as it can run for many hours at a time.

Hunt and Prey

As the Hevsus is the apex predator of the Elderwoods, nearly all land bearing living beings in the forest are prey for the beast. It usually sneaks up close to its food and pounces on it, killing it with a quick bite to the neck. If it is noticed before the kill, it chases after the prey, overpowering it with his great speed. From time to time, even Elderlyr, the dwarves of the woods, are hunted by the beast, but usually just in the winter months if food is hard to find otherwise. 

Taming and Riding

A few centuries ago some of Hevsus were tamed by a few skilled Elderlyr at the border of the Elderwoods, near Rashor. It is not clear how they were able to teach the beasts control, but still to this day some Elderlyrs train and sell rideable Hevsus' from a farm near the town. Each year, a few of the mounts are sold for extraordinary prices to a few lucky individuals, as the ranchers have a strict policies to not sell their priceless animals to armies and mercenaries, as it would cause to much devastation for Tal'Lyra
If one is lucky enough to get one of the Hevsus' from this ranch, it is still quite hard to control the beast, despite all taming and training. The mount needs to be kept well fed, as that it does not turn to its rider for his next meal. But to keep the mount loyal, one should also show him the respect it deserves and not leave it in a stable for too long.
Armor Class: 17
Hitpoints: 43
Blood: 19
STR: 17 DEX: 17 CON: 17 INT: 8 WIS: 7 CHA: 7
Skills: Perception +5 
Senses: Passive Perception 17
Bite: The beast bites down on its prey, dealing 3d6+3 bludgeoning damage with a +5 modifier to attack
Claws: Attacking its foe with his sharp claws, he Hevsus has a +4 modifier to deal 2d8+3 slashing damage
Running: The animal has a speed of up to 60ft/round over short periods of time and can keep up speeds nearly as big for many hours.

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