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The Gravgruul is a dangerous four-legged beast with long beige fur and even longer white claws. It can often be found in old stone ruins as it somehow tries to guard these structures from unworthy hands. After moving into such a structure, the Gravgruul watches for his prey with his three brown from the darkness of the ruins. If a unsuspecting adventurer comes to close to the new home of the monster, it attacks with his sharp claws and his violent fangs. The monster will defend its home until it is either killed or dies of old age, so sometimes old ruins can be inhabited by such a beast for many decades.
While the beast normally walks on all four legs, it will stand up to walk on just two legs during a fight, towering over its foes. It will use the surrounding ruins to its advantage as the Glavgruul often will climb up the stone structures and jump on the enemy.
Armor Class: 17
Hitpoints: 39
Blood: 21
STR: 15 DEX: 15 CON: 14 INT: 6 WIS: 5 CHA: 5
Skills: Perception +7
Senses: Passive Perception 21
Bite: bites the extremities of an enemy with +7 to hit and deals 2d6 piercing damage
Claws: hits the enemy with one of its paws, dealing 3d4+5 bleeding damage with +6 to hit
Jump: If the Glavgruul reaches a higher position, it will jump onto its foe, dealing 4d6 force damage with +7 to hit
Loot: up to 20 fangs of the Glavgruul 

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