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Erik Bloodhand

Erik Bloodhand (born 1286 AG) is the captain of the guard of Eastport and one of the most influential humans of the town. He started his service being only 15 years old and quickly rose through the ranks of the force. He gets his name Bloodhand from a red birth defect on his left hand, which always looks bloody.
As Lieutenant, he became famous for defeating an alliance of pirates and marauders. The young man captured a few of the misfits and got information of their hiding place with charm and threat. The then commander of the guard underestimated the strength of the bandits and took far to few men with him into battle. But while the old commander soon fled, Erik Bloodhand fought in the front-line and slayed many enemies by himself, winning the battle for Eastport in the end.
The few surviving soldiers reported of the commanders treason and of Bloodhands glory and soon he was appointed the youngest ever, with only 26 winters, captain of the guard of Eastport. Since then, he earned the respect of the town's people time and time again with his strength, but also his fairness.

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