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The Ost Family

The Ost family is one of the oldest families in Calebwyn. At the head of the family is Gregory. Who's Gregory? You ask? Why, whichever it alive at the time! The family, and by extension, the region is controlled by Gregory Ost the son of Gregory and grandson of Gregory. The Osts have named their first born sons Gregory for nearly three centuries! Those sons not named Gregory have met grim fates indeed. Admittedly it has usually been at the hands of their family...
The Osts have always had poor relationships with other "Royal" families and have led many failed (and a few successful) rebellions against Swiftwood Bay.
The Osts are known by the outside Governments as cruel leaders of a heavily controlled state which no longer sees itself as such.

Public Agenda

The Osts claim to be acting solely in the interest of their people. Whether this is true has been debated for three centuries.


The Osts first settled Ostbank after striking off from the rest of the early settlers in 6 C. They traveled around the Sardeth and found the Southern Bank of Calebwyn, which they named Ostbank. After a few decades Ostbank became a powerful town with the Osts at the head of it.
Their wealth and power only continued to grow until Swiftwood Bay seized power and they were forced into the roles of lowly Barons. Though the still held power of their people they didn't have the military power to expel these invaders from their land. So one night Gregory Ost the First led a midnight raid on the nearby Cale encampment and killed or captured nearly 300 men. This started the first rebellion of Ostbank.
Many more rebellions followed over the centuries, with the most recent being the only successful one.

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