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Swords Flipped (placeholder)

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Swords flipped is a dark fantasy world that is as alive and sentient as the people and creatures that live on it.   There are various different magics at work that bind people together can be given just as easily as they can wither away. Some may wake up to find that they can feel others emotions, or burn down a village while having a nightmare.   Strange creatures stalk every corner, uninhibited by small comforts like walls, and those who wander to close the forests, mountains, and seas are often never heard from again. From the darkest depths to the highest mountains you'll find something strange and dangerous.   A person might live their entire life as regular person or they might wake up one day and find that their house, village, or even land they grew up on is no more and has been replaced by one so different they don't even know the races that inhabit it. From blood drinking cave dwellers to monsters with god-like powers no one location is the same.   The people are always tense and cautious of all things new and innocent, after all, wouldn't you be too?

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