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Emrys Wyllt

"While I trust witches, I would not believe a nose between wizard's eyes."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Considered the most powerful wizard in the realm, Emrys the Wild is the current top advisor of the young king of Avalonia. Many people were suspicious of his power and machinations during the reign of the previous king, but he managed to gain some of the trust back when he was able to protect the young heir against many dangers and tribulation and did help the dynasty get back on the throne.    Many regard him with suspicion still and rightfully so. He weilds and enormous power and the rumours go as far to claim that he is a descendant from an actual dragon lineage. While the head starts to hurt a person when thinking how that would actually work, Emrys does nothing to dispel these rumours.   There are no doubts that he is powerful and the form of an old man in a grey cloak leaning against his intricate wooden cane will not fool anyone. When Emrys speaks, people listen and no one actually dares to question or defy his opinions. Many fear that the new king of Avalonia will become just a puppet of this new unofficial regent and the kingdom will enter an era with wizards at the top of the power structure. Curiously though he does not sit at the Round Table and only occassionaly stands in as a guest of their meetings.   Like many other wizards he is proficient in mental magic and visual manipulations but his main discipline lies in shapeshifting - which is why no one is really sure if his visage of an elder man is actually his true form. He is known to take on forms of many animals, eavesdropping and crawling and flying wherever is needed, manipulating people into doing what he wants while letting them think it was either their own idea or a sign from above.   Commoners living near the royal court have since learnt not to be mean to animals, insects especially and swatting after a fly or a spider with the intention to kill them is seen as trying to bring wrath of the wizard upon the people and curse them. But Emrys prefers to turn into bees anyways, just to be sure.

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