Vicor Dravius

Written by BlueTyger

Vicor "Vicky" Dravius

Formely Victarian Blackstar.

Physical Description

Body Features

Vicor is shorter than average, with a healthy tan and is very gangly built. The straight, stark red hair is usually well-groomed and combed back neatly. He sports a well-trimmed goatee as well. He has angular features rich with freckles, though most of them aren’t very visible thanks to the all angry-looking scarring he received after having a newly-forged holocron pressed to his face.   He has emerald eyes, although his nervous composure and flickering gaze usually have most not notice their brilliance. His choice of clothing usually consists of long, draping garbs with long sleeves and high collars that he nearly looks to disappear in thanks to his slender figure. He near always carries high boots and a pair of gloves.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born Victarian Blackstar, direct descendant of The Black Star himself, he began his career early as a child trainee within House Blackstar. Showing to have a brilliant mind and being quick to learn had his father spend much of his wealth on the education of the growing boy. The only thing that appeared to fault was the weak physique and willpower Victarian seemed to display – finding the best teachers and ensuring rigid discipline became the father’s best attempt at getting his son a measure of advantage in preparation for the Korriban trials. None really believed that the boy would make it out alive however and kept on trying to persuade the man to cease the apparent waste of resources on such a worthless spawn.   And to everybody’s surprise, even his own fathers to a measure, Victrarian did actually survive the trials and leave the planet as an acolyte. Not because he had fought tooth and nail against his competition but rather… circumstances and accidents left him the only surviving trainee from the group he had been put in. Without anyone left to challenge him the instructors’ hands were tied. As well he did have passed his trials without a hitch, but never really was one to stand out except during the scholarly studies. Bright and clever, but weak in the Force, was the final evaluation he received to bring back home with him.   It wasn’t exactly what House Blackstar had hoped as they had the reputation of housing plenty of Purebloods and Humans with ample knowledge and power in more practical applications of the Force – especially adept at combat techniques and many in their ranks had served well in the Empire’s armies. Victarian was of course let back, but his frail physique and low Force-potential had them mostly stow him away in-house to perform different chores usually assigned hired in acolytes. On the little spare time he was granted he pursued his interest in other fields of studies than actual applied physical Force: alchemy, artifice, history, archaeology, ancient languages and other more scholarly subjects. During his time of learning he had also discovered having a knack for mathematics which he ensured to develop further and it proved to be of a great help within other fields.   At the age of nineteen he was diagnosed with the incurable Quannot’s Syndrome – a debilitating chronic disease that, although it explained his weaker frame and the constant pain he was in, pretty much was a death sentence and lowered his value in the eyes of his peers even more. At the age of twenty-two they finally tired of having him scuttle around in the House and took the opportunity to cast him out when setting up a loose alliance with House Xanadu. They shoved him over to serve under Lady Xanadu as a ‘gift’ and she soon enough discovered his aptitude in the scholarly fields – even seemed quite a bit more interested and appreciative of his skills than House Blackstar had been. Initially he thought it a quite nice change but eventually the new House Lady’s cruel nature began to shine through, and he began to see the actual madness running rampant in the House.   The next thirteen years he served in the House proved to be pure hell made reality. Finding himself becoming a favorite toy of hers he became the target of many of her whims, and the forced participant in her pleasures. Things did not turn for the better either when she had her hellspawns for daughters, or took not just one but two Pureblood apprentices. The latter two as well becoming targets of her abuse, and Victarian in turn at times targets of their abuse. It was a crazy descending hierarchy of vindication and torture – the upper echelons lashing out on the lower ones, as they could not turn their ire back at their perpetrators. Add on top of that the customary rivalry between the apprentices, and the overseers, and the daughters… He was just glad Lady Xanadu wanted him to stay alive or else he’d surely been torn in twain by the two competing women under her wing. Or was he, really? At times he certainly had questioned if death hadn’t been the most merciful way out of this.   Ghendh, the first apprentice to be taken by Lady Xanadu, also showed special interest in Victarian’s work once seeing how useful his artifice and alchemy skillset proved to be in providing tools the Pureblood apprentice needed. Remorseless and not a stranger to underhanded methods, Ghendh got the man hooked on Nyriian spice and ensured he was the only source of it. It was a dirty but secure way of ensuring the alchemist’s compliance. And it proved worthwhile for Ghendh a couple of years later when he decided to break away from House Xanadu to form his own. Victarian were one among a few that broke off with him.

Occupation Sith Alchemist
Year of Birth
29 BTC 44 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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