Trigo Spince

Written by BlueTyger

Trigo Spince (a.k.a. Viper)


First and foremost known under his slicer name Viper, where his genius and treacherous nature both are infamous. He’s been known to slice his way into and drain numerous high-security systems and is rumored to be a part of the Exchange. Other sources say that he works alone mostly, only working with others if he has to and always betraying them eventually. That he is so crooked he’d be ready to rip off even his own mother.   Spince is fairly anonymous by his real name as he usually uses fake names either created out of thin air or stolen, but tend to stand out from the crowd due to being a rather rare species: kalleran. He only keeps brief relations to others, mainly consisting of using other individuals for his own winnings and then discarding them once not needing them anymore. His various aliases carry several accounts of identity theft, phishing, fraud, bribery, forgery, extortion, spice trafficking, burglary, illegal slicing, robbery and grand theft auto.   He is about 190 centimeters tall (2.30 with the neck stretched) and weighs about 80 kilograms, with a wiry and slender build. The sleek, moss-green skin has some patches of fish-like scales and is patterned with black stripes. He has clear emerald green eyes that lack a visible pupil. From either side of the head hang four long prehensile tentacles, one reaching to his chest while the other two reach as far down as his waist. The last one looks like it has been cut off. Another two tendrils hang from the jawline and reach down to the collarbone, albeit they seem to have less mobility than the rest.   Fancying some more stylish clothes, he is often seen wearing a soft long trenchcoat, a stiff leather vest and leather britches. Due to his difference in anatomy, with a little elongated foot ending in three digits and slender three-digit hands, he very rarely uses either boots or gloves. He prefers standing on the balls of his feet even if a more normal gait is possible with little hassle.

Occupation Slicer, Shipjacker, Hustler
Year of Birth
14 BTC 29 years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Known Languages
Kalleran (Native)
Galactic Basic
Shipjacker Cant


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