Tibur Haley

Written by Shimantha

Tibur Haley

Formely Ve'ren Ley.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Burnt skin on upper body that needs to be tended to every day.

Body Features

Sandy hair, dark blue innocent eyes. A deep burn on the right side of his face and upper body.

Facial Features

No hair on right brow and no eyelashes there either.

Identifying Characteristics

Burnmarks on the right side of his face and upper torso.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Orphan from Nar Shaddaa. Picked up by Jaxel Haley at the age of seven.   He was ceverely burned in a Sithmade fire that left him with burns on his face and upper torso. The Sith locked him and several other orphans inside a building and set it on fire for sport. The Sith was never convicted, as usual, but are named and known by most orphans on Nar Shaddaa as "Lord Fire". His real name is Lord Neil Dallaine, an outcast and Houseless Sith that had developed a nasty taste of torture.   Being adopted by the goddy-two-shoes doc Jay turned the boy's life around. He got fed and fostered, got a safe haven and home. And when Jay- Dad got married to Tabine Haley, he got a mother that didn't take shit from anyone.   Even living so close to the The Sith Empire power structure became less frightening, when you had a family to come home to. He found friends in Kaas City while at school and life was fairly good even if his father did have many strange visitors at time, Sith visitors included.   Then things and stuffs happened and Jay-Dad and Krodja ended up living in the Republic Core and his life turned once more, this time to a much better prospect.


Elementary school on Dromund Kaas
Elementary School on Coruscant

Mental Trauma

Almost getting burned to death.

Morality & Philosophy

Cheerful, happy and up-beat.

Personality Characteristics


Want's to become a surgeon like Jay-Dad.

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes and are very afraid of the Force


Like any other male teen, he stinks a little.


Family Ties

Adopted by Jaxel Haley and Tabine Haley.
Twin siblings, Hart and Tanya.
"Uncle" Rurik Cayso and his sister Kori Cayso.
Kori's daughter Trisi.

Religious Views

Believes in The Living Force

Occupation Military Student
Year of Birth
0 BTC 15 years old
Nar Shaddaa
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Dark blue eyes
Sandy coloured hair
Aligned Organization
Galactic Republic
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Signlanguage)


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