Sotram Vukrana

Written by BlueTyger

Sotram Vukrana


Sotram is a bit taller than average for his age, with soot brown skin and bulky, corded musculature. He has a distinct horn pattern consisting of three rows: two smaller and one larger. The horns are surrounded by a mass of coarse black hair that’s been collected into countless tiny braids. Some of the braids are decorated with bits of bones, pretty stone pearls, claws, teeth and feathers. He has piercing yellow eyes that keenly assesses its surroundings.   Sotram has been inseparable with his brother Mundus since birth, and the two always appear to want and do the same things – even if Sotram early became the more noticeable as he was the one doing most of the communication. Even though starting to speak late, he still at least started while his brother refuses to speak at all. Sotram soon gave proof being the calmer and more socially adaptable of the two, and also the one that acted as the more thoughtful and calculating of the two.   Unbeknownst to their mother, Sotram shares a shadowy creature they were born with – and the shadow itself finds it as natural as anything, as if the two were one and the same person. So far, they have managed to keep their friend Res’mende Tzesla (The crawling death) a secret from their mother, but it’s driven them to time and again find and kill critters and small animals in order to sate its hunger.

Year of Birth
3 ATC 12 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Ul'Zabrak (Native)


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