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(a.k.a. Samro, Sam or Sammie by his friends: He prefers Samro, but it's like he's the only one, the poor guy. 'The Immortal Samronarth' by his troops. 'That nutty Zabrak' by his colleagues.)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As is the case with most members of the Zabrak species, Samronarth has a fast metabolism and follows a low to no carbohydrates diet. Combined with his training and exercise regime and the additional demands of his Force usage on his body, that translates into an athletic, muscular build, fairly devoid of superfluous fat.   He hardly shows any signs of Dark Side corruption: Some subtle hints appeared during the mid to final stages of his training as a Sith acolyte and his first years as an Apprentice under Lord Trom Honah, mostly in and around his eyes (accented coloration of the iris, slight luminosity, a bit of premature undereye wrinkling), but these seemed to stabilise later on, possibly due to his approach to the Force and the very relisience that led him to the taunter branch of the Sith warrior forces.   That, combined with the Zabrak species' strong immune system, means that Samronarth has almost never been ill in his whole life… until recent Force-related events have made him suffer the closest thing there is to that.

Body Features

Hairless, pale red skin.

Facial Features

When relaxed, his default expression is that of an amiable half-smile, if his demon-like face tattoos, specially the ones on his hairless, prominent brow, kind of turn it into a menacing one from long to medium distances. On close up, it results in a brash, youthful look.

Identifying Characteristics

A crown of seven medium-sized horns (a frontal one plus three in a row at each side of the top of his head).   Full body tattoo scheme favouring flowing masses of black ink that imitate the Samron Tuk'ata's skin markings, rimmed by thin single lines of golden Kittât script (the original Sith's writing system).

Special abilities

Samronarth is one of the rare full Tutaminis Force users, a natural born damage soaker/venter, which lets him perform as a Juggernaut-class team's taunter/baiter without the need of a shield offhand device.   This almost natural invulnerability to damage revealed itself a problem, long term, given the Sith's training methods based on the survival of the fittest and the continuous application of oppression and punishment. Samronarth could allow himself to overcome those without the effort that it would usually entail, resulting in severe character flaws down the line.

Apparel & Accessories

Samronarth favours inexpensive, popular urban warrior leatherwear with some armouring elements, no matter if on the field or off-duty, showing skin as both a personal and professional statement and as a simple matter of comfort. Between missions, he'll use black boots and vambraces instead of his trusty silvery extra-padded ones.   His belt has holster-ready straps for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Specialized Equipment

As a lightsaber wielder, he uses a belt with a power source at his right side and a magnetic lock lightsaber holder and recharger.   His boots have inside compartments where he carries a variety of medical items: drug Injectors and cartridges, variable nozzle Kolto dispensers, a wound stapler, a small high pressure canteen and one or two ration packs at the very least. He carries in them a couple of small vibroknives, too. There's also some stuff for the chance bout of pleasure.   In his jacket's pockets he uses to carry sturdy, military-grade holocom and datapad, and some extra electronic bits typical in Imperial Military trooper suits, like sewed-in hyperantennae to improve holocom reception, physical activity sensors, etc. Nothing major.   His lightsaber is an overloaded affair (as recommended by Lord Kith'ari, his former Overseer at House Korênt'h, curiously enough) that uses Galactic Solutions Industries' T.H.O.R.N.-grade components to produce an ultra-hot dense plasma arc. it exacerbates the gyroscopic effect of the weapon, but Samronarth is used to it, and in his line of work such potency is a requirement.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born a child of slaves, as far as he knows. When he was two years old his parents died in a Tibanna gas mining platform accident. He was sold to a slave breeding business where he didn’t receive any exposure to Zabrak culture. Once he was found out to be Force sensitive he was submitted to the usual process, which he survived with a certain ease.   Past Korriban and apprenticed to Trom Honah, a minor Sith Lord, he began to serve the Empire, proving himself successful at leading men, accruing a small team of people of diverse origins and areas of competence. When his Master died in the war he became another small cog in the Imperial machine, if a distinctly effective one, and was granted a Lordship. That propelled him and his team upwards although it meant becoming a pawn in the same power plays and infighting that got his Master killed.   Eventually he went through such a situation: He was ordered to lead an impossible mission and surprisingly survived it if barely, losing all his crew in the process including a love interest. He exacted his revenge and went back to the grind. Having to restart solo and leading unknowns for a while led him to unexpected soul-searching, even more unexpected flirting with Revanite philosophies — which didn’t last long given the movement’s ineffectualness — and some conclusions about the way he wanted to conduct himself as a Sith, favoring joy over rage as his main tool to commune with the Force.   During a lull in the conflict with the Republic he was headhunted by Lord Ghendh Korênt’h and offered the possibility of putting many of his ideas into practice free of the politics of the war. A good lineage minor player, Ghendh’s preference for up-and-coming young Sith and his no-nonsense setup piqued Samronarth’s curiosity, so he accepted to become his External Security Lead in charge of the House’s Commando forces.


Family Ties

He was aware of none such until he was recently clued in about being one of several biological sons of Darth Flaye

Religious Views

He believes in the Force, in an evidential, pragmatic manner, without any traditional religion's colourings, although he is the first to admit finding those quite enticing at times, out of his fascination with the aesthetics of primitivism


When speaking Basic he exhibits the usual Imperial posh accent and style, but he's perfectly able to spice it with the usual repertoire of cuss words and friendly insults typical of the Imperial Military. He tends to clip his phrases a little, omitting subject pronouns, a habit he caught from his soldier and specialist subordinates.   His Rhyl is a bit rusty after so many years since the last time he used it, but his accent is impeccably old-fashioned, almost musically so. That's due to the isolated nature of the Twi'lek slave colonies where he grew up. Samronarth unconsciously does small tilts of his head while speaking it, as it was something he ended up using in lieu of lekku gestures.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Former Lord of the Sith and External Security Lead at House Theral, he's been demoted back to the rank of a simple Sith campaigner serving the Empire in the battlefields
Year of Birth
11 BTC 26 years old
Sarflay IV, a gas giant. He was born at a Tibanna gas mining station floating on its upper layers.
Current Residence
After a few years living on House Theral's (formerly Korênt'h) compound on Dromund Kaas, he is temporarily stationed on Byblos, enduring training under Sith-killer Jedi Shadow
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Samronarth identifies himself as male
Dark amber
Skin Tone
Natural pale red, plus reddish black tattoos rimmed with tiny golden scripture
1.82 m.
88 Kg.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"One is what one does"   "I take care of my own"
Aligned Organization
Sith Empire
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fluent in Rhyl, his day to day language during his childhood in a colony of Twi'lek slaves, Samronarth knows enough Huttesse to go by out of many of his fellow slaves having been adquired from Hutt slaver businesses' stocks.   He learned Basic as part of his childhood's instruction and perfected it once discovered a Force user, during his education as a Sith. He speaks it with a strong Imperial accent, and is perfectly able to juggle with both the snobbish style of high-ranking Imperials and the crudeness of the IM's foot soldiers.   He was taught the rudiments of the Sith Pureblood's language to be able to function before his instructors and in Sith society, and to handle certain aspects of Dark Side theory and practice. Beyond that, he developed an interest in learning old Kittât script and runework, ancient Sith poetry and prose, just for the almost vain purpose of incorporating them in a fullbody tattoo design that would finally materialise just a few years ago.   Samronarth understands droidspeak out of his familiarity with combat and training droids.   He is learning Iridonian Zabraki at the moment, something he hadn't cared about during most of his life.
Character Prototype
Kind of a young Yul Brynner adding that certain something a Blade Runner/Ladyhawke era Rutger Hauer has

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