Ricoh Qoches

Written by Shimantha

Lord Ricoh Qoches

Named Ric Xse at birth within the clan of Hazuk, situated some fifteen kilometers outside the Stone City. Renamed himself on Korriban, taking an Imperial name.   When his mate, Shimantha Xanadu, was killed, he felt it - even though he was on Rattatak at that time, and she was slain on Dromund Kaas. He closed himself in, totally alone, for days before he ordered his shuttle to get to Kaas to have it confirmed and to claim the body. He got her body, but not her belongings, as House Korênt'h claimed the kill. His petitions and connections to House Blackstar didn't give him any favours.

Physical Description

Body Features

Grimfaced by nature and made that even more distinct by his tattoos, he looks like he’s constantly sneering. That mien though, can change in an instant and he will happily charm the pants of most women.

Facial Features

Crooked and wide nose, it's been broken and badly healed.
Facial tattoo, flamelike features that frames his mouth and eyes.
His throat has the classical tattoo that tells everyone that he outlived his mate.

Identifying Characteristics

Left side of his chest shows his ancestry and family ties, his status as a warrior and then mystical runes that once matched his mate, trail down in a row from his armpit down to his ankle. His right arm has the Gladiator Pit tattoo and countless dots that shows his many victories in the pit throughout the years.

Apparel & Accessories

Uses a pair of light plated britches and a hooded robe. On rattatak he's always barefooted.

Specialized Equipment

Dualwields vibroswords. Conquered a saber on Korriban.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rattataki combat swordmaster, an expert pit-fighter.   United to Shimantha Xanadu and have two children with her, Yxakkar and Ayzora. The couple did not live together because his fascination for women. He had lots of them so he established his own House next to hers with her and stayed there, letting his mate purge it from said women from time to time.   When Shimantha was slain, he invited Azalecte Malah to live with him as she already had children fathered by him, and he let her be the Lady of the House as she let him have his women to himself. She got all the perks of ruling over them. He’s got four Force-blind children with her.   He rebuilt the Xanadu ‘castle’ so it merged with his own after his mate's death and created a huge House for himself and his subordinates.   Bred cathars at one point to get free slaves. Every cub born got its throat crushed, Ricoh likes quiet slaves. Unfortunately, the cathar females died out from hard use.


Sith schooling on Korriban.

Morality & Philosophy

A hardhanded Rattataki. The savagery shines through although his House is well allied and appears to be civil. He loves women, charms them, uses them and then – if they please him – they can serve him for a while.   His House is allied to House Blackstar, but he sees himself as rattataki first and doesn’t give a kriff about the Empire and it’s demands when at home.


Contacts & Relations

House Blackstar

Family Ties

Born to Chohe (Qhuat) and Rohuu (Hazak)
Children: Ayzora Xanadu and Yxakkar Qoches with Shimantha Xanadu
Children: Tseyi, Echisu, Gechih and Chakak with Azalecte Malah
Children: another five or six with various other women.
Grandsons: Thessarion Qoches (Tesakkar) who is Force Sensitive and Vargas Qoches (Vargakkar) - both missing.

Religious Views

Pays respect to The Unifier

Occupation House Lord, Chieftain of the Stone City
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sith Lord, Chieftain
Year of Birth
41 BTC 56 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Smoke gray eyes
Aligned Organization
House Qoches
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Rattataki (Native)
Galactic Basic


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