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Darth Revlin "Rev'ahkin" A'hkin


  Darth Rev’ahkin takes the responsibility of fostering Force-Sensitive children. Most often, even preferable, children that had proved to be Dark vessels, empty or filled. But he also agreed to tutor children from prominent families, taking aid from his highly educated wife and daughter-in-law. The House of Rev’ahkin was always filled with Sith children from many parts of the Imperial world.   The only son, Kiel, had many foster siblings.   --- Name explanation.   House A'hkin has always had a perculiar way to name the House Lord. A part of the first name got attached to the last, creating a name-bond to the House, the blood realtives are a sort of mystery to the ones outside the sphere. Rev'ahkin's mother, who was House Lord before him, was named Sarenticia. Her House Lord name - and Darth name - became Darth Saren'ahkin, her father was called Darth Aban'ahkin. Many of there House Lords and Ladies used Sith "Magic" so that their given name is hidden for protection.   Darth Rev'ahkin, for instance, has hidden his given name and age and and added to that, the Unseen Hand successfully managed to erased most of the data about him on Korriban. It is know that he was there, but not when that occurred.

Physical Description

Body Features

Tall and are rather wide-framed with bulky musculature.

Facial Features

A deep red tattoo covers his mouth and eyes in spike-like shapes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Darth Rev’ahkin is a mysterious person. Not many knows that he’s a so called ‘shadow walker’ or as the true name is, Jin’muis. From a very young age, it’s believed that he stopped to use his given name and said that the name was A’hkin only. It is also believed that his mother, Darth Saren’ahkin, helped him in an early age to create some ancient Sith name magic to give him power in the years to come.   It is not known how long ago this was though. There are dated records of the Darth being admitted to Korriban for his trials of course, but there are no age or full name registred in the files. It is known though, that he spent two or three years on another part of Korriban at another time, but it seems like no one can confirm those rumours. His wife, Amiserah Ahkin, may be the one holding the secrets of her husband nowadays.


Ethnic schooling by his mother on Thule
Sith training on Korriban
Jin'muis introduction at The Temple of Eternal Shadow on Korriban
Assassin education at The Unseen Hand on Korriban

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of three Master Assassins within The Unseen Hand.


Never harm or kill another Jin'muis

Personality Characteristics


Darth Rev'ahkin is sworn to Dark Council member Darth Ravage and demands of his House that everyone does the same, so every child fostered here are either open with their alignment or told to keep it a secret for the benefit of espionage,


Family Ties

Wife: Amiserah A'hkin
Son: Kiel Ahkin

Stepfather to twelve boys and seven girls:
Rachel Tamarin - Human female 35yrs
Felgun Bylsee - Human male 34yrs
Tomminick Churles - Human male 33yrs
Thallon - Mirialan male 33yrs
Wido Athelard - Human male 32 yrs
Guanor Jansar - Human female (Full Jin'muis - dead) 30yrs
Ciheth-Ahn (Varjo) - Pureblood male (Full Jin'muis) 28 yrs
Nadrus Ul'Khin - Zabrak female 27 yrs
Yogusk - Human/Zabrak male 25yrs
Brioc Spargo - Human male 23 yrs
Trearve Tegen - Human female 20yrs
Sowena May - Human female (Full Jin'muis) 15 yrs
Nifre Moorkind - Human male 14yrs
Tyrden Kingzy - Human male 14yrs
Niqda Raptor - Pureblood female 12yrs
Sangor - Zabrak male 11yrs
Gunder Igon - Human male (Empty Jin'muis) 10yrs
Tzmazica Achart - Pureblood female 9yrs
Sansimo Berdohn Human male 7yrs

Religious Views

Pays tribute to the Dark side of the Force.

Occupation House Lord
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
73 BTC 88 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Stark yellow eyes
White hair, hidden by a deep hood.
Aligned Organization
House A'hkin
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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