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Reolleh "Ricky-boy" (a.k.a. Ricochet)

Near half a man taller than the average human, this individual is an intimidating sight for most with his hulking figure and gleaming white orbs for eyes. His deliberate movements further enhance the impression of immense strength. The lower part of his face is obscured by a rebreather.
  It’s not the breath of strong liquor or that ingrained odor of old cigarette smoke that’s left this man without friends. The purposefully roughhewed, outspoken and even outright brusque exterior displayed by this man, combined with a frigid and detached attitude, is many times enough to repel most people and keep the rest at an arm’s length. And the few real friends he did have are either long gone or dead.   Instead, friendships and companionships became something to cultivate when necessary or when he had use of them, which he has an easy enough time to do when putting his mind to it. But just as easy as he gets them, as easy he also gets rid of them. Because even in a group he’s alone.   All he has is anger, lots of regrets and even more local rocket-fuel.  

Recent Events

After a mental meltdown, Reolleh has been taken out of service and had most of his agent privileges taken away. He is currently on orders to keep a low profile under a new alias and undergo rehabilitation. And it’s been difficult for him to accept he’s no longer kept in the loop and even worse to not have any meaningful work to occupy his mind with.  


To most Reolleh is rude, burly and brusque, with little patience for tact and timing. At the same time, he’s honest (a bit too brutally so at times) and places a great amount of importance on fairness. His personal moral code has its base in his Mandalorian upbringing, though some of his once steadfast principles have begun to erode thanks to external wear and tear.   On the surface, he may give the impression of being overly simple-minded. He is simple in a way yes; in the manner that he thinks that other people tend to waste a lot of air and effort overcomplicating matters. While he certainly could, he just chooses not to concern himself with the finer details.   To the rare few that had managed to earn his true friendship, he was a fierce protector of and loyal to a fault to. In their presence, he used to be a pleasant guy to be around.    


Reolleh stands an impressive 230cm of height and weights around 270kg. Being a species adapted to a high-gravity world lent to thick bones and heavy, corded muscles. And what he doesn’t have in speed and agility he more than well makes up for with strength and resilience.   His most striking features are the milk white eyes that lack both visible irises and pupils, and the sky-blue skin tone. His jet-black hair has a metallic shimmer to it and kept short purely out of convenience. And while preferring to stay clean shaven, he at times may be lazy enough to let his beard grow to a two-day stubble.      


Reolleh prefers simple clothes, such as just plain shirt and baggy trousers, but will dress to impress in the circles he moves in for the moment. The only permanent feature is the rebreather covering half his face, required to filter in a trace gas he needs to survive.    


Right now, Reolleh is a man of few allies and countless of enemies.   He is, under one name or another, a well-known name in several criminal circles and most with decent connections to the outside Galaxy will at least have heard one or two stories of the man.   His most long-withstanding alias is that of Kyton Ross, under which he worked his way up the ranks of the Black Sun during his involvement with them over the course of 5 or so years. He began as the part of a street gang named the Vibrosaws which were absorbed by the syndicate, and ended as one of their Vigos. There were several times where his employers got concerned he might go native, and thus decided to pull him out eventually.   He as well spent a little over 3,5 years infiltrating the Twin Suns as Tyron Sayul, and it's during his time here he meets Tabeth'eh with whom he'll keep a stormy relationship with off and on up until very recently. Ultimately he cannot stand the gang's ultra-violent, vicious ways and demands to be extracted.   The involvement he had with the White Maw as Icohan was brief, just a couple of months, and his primary job while with them was to monitor their movements. He always believed the job was a poor excuse for pulling him out from the Black Sun.   Another alias he kept for about 3 years was that of Torm Jouric, which was the stolen identity of an Exchange Maven that had been captured along with his entire cell. The cell was officially expunged when their base was unexpectedly found by imperial forces led by Darth Flaye.   Lastly, he went under his original name Reolleh as he infiltrated Clan Beviin, by marrying Riann Kas. During his time in imperial space however, he was assigned with an overseer to keep tabs on him: Jaylazz Ley.  

Occupation Jet-Juicer, Retired Undercover Agent
Year of Birth
20 BTC 35 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Mando'a (Native)
Galactic Basic
Meesa Caulf
Sy Bisti
Smuggler's Cant
Galactic Sign
Corellian streetwear was his preference as Kyton Ross within the Black Sun.
In Clan Beviin, he wore a heavy and bulky beskarn with the rebreather unit built into the helm.

  • 20 BTC


    Life, Birth

    Born Reolleh, in the small village of Merenas on Bandomeer. His parents Avhalla and Oroehn immigrated to the planet after buying themselves free from slavery.

  • 17 BTC


    Sibling's Birth
    Life, Birth

    His sister Eyllah is born.

  • 16 BTC

    Life, Relocation

    The village of Merenas, as well as other nearby settlements, are raided by the mandalorian clan of Styrak. Reolleh and Eyllah are two of many children stolen to be adopted into the clan. The pair Krot and Zalk decide to become their new caretakers, and they are renamed Rikej and Etna to better fit into their new home and culture.

  • 12 BTC

    Road to Adulthood
    Life, Education

    He is considered old enough to start military and survival training in accordance to mandalorian traditions. Most of his awake time is spent away from home either at a training camp or following Krot around.

  • 7 BTC

    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Reolleh finishes his training, and is not long after set to take a rite of passage. His subsequent success means he's considered ready to be treated as an adult.

  • 6 BTC

    Second Raid of Bandomeer
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    A raid on a near defenseless settlement goes bad due to Reolleh questioning their morals and sparks a fight at the worst time. The Republic military coming to the settlement's aid isn't seen in time and the raid ends even before it began. Surviving Mandalorians were detained, and those considered juveniles (below 18 years of age) are sent to correctional facilities to "rehabilitate" them. Reolleh is surprisingly cooperative and well behaved.

  • 4 BTC

    Life, Relocation

    After two years of showing an exceptionally well behavior, he is released from the facility and instead placed under the close guardianship of Annea and Olivier Heleoson. But he manages to escape barely a week later and disappears down in the lower levels of Coruscant.   He ends up getting involved with a street gang there, called the Vibrosaws. An older gang member, Garet Lithel, end up becoming a mentor and person he looks up to. The man ends up using his growing trust to manipulate the young man and shape him into a possible candidate for the bureau he's working as an undercover agent for.

  • 2 BTC

    Lithel's Death
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    A few months after having developed a feeling of confidence that Reolleh would trust his mysterious employers enough to work for them independently. During a shoot-out with a rival gang, Lithel takes the opportunity to fake his own death without telling Reolleh beforehand about it. And the young man is devastated at the loss of his mentor.   As predicted, Reolleh eventually re-establish contacts with Lithel's employers and asks to keep working for them. In return they offer to let him meet his real family again.

  • 0 BTC

    Syndicate Takeover
    Life, Relocation

    His gang, the Vibrosaws, are absorbed into the Black Sun as the fresh, new syndicate swiftly asserts control of Coruscant's underworld. Most of the gang's members are split up and shuffled around.   Reolleh ends up being re-assigned to the Vigo Tarr Dastard, but manages to adapt pretty quickly to the new group. And Dastard finds the geran an interesting addition - something Reolleh is quick to take advantage of to paint himself in a good light.

  • 1 ATC

    Joining the CBSI
    Life, Career

    Reolleh snitches the location of his Vigo's location to his secretive employers, and not long after Security Forces floods the group's lair to capture and detain as many as they can.

  • 2 ATC

    New and Old Acquaintances
    Life, Organisation Association

    During his time spent at the CBSI headquarters, Reolleh eventually runs into an alive and well Garet Lithel - or Cairn Trah-Moren as he's really called. He doesn't take the discovery of the man's deception well at all, and refuses to forgive him. And Cairn's apparent indifference to the whole thing only makes it worse.   On the other hand, he does get to know quite a few other agents milling about - such as the technicians Atol Czekala and Lorce. He also goes well along with his assigned superior and teacher Warata Stesa.

  • 3 ATC

    Operation: Dual Eclipse
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Reolleh is assigned to his first real undercover mission under the lead of Warata Stesa. As Tyron Saul and Mavae Durei they infiltrate the Twin Suns on Tatooine - a pirate group known for being very cruel and violent. Despite a good start and easily getting inside, poodoo hits the turbofan only shy of a month later.

  • 4 ATC

    Operation: Dual Eclipse, Take 2
    Life, Crime

    Months later, when things have cooled down, Reolleh hands in the suggestion to infiltrate the Twin Suns again, and it's approved by his superiors. Only this time he's sent in alone.

  • 5 ATC

    Slow Breakdown
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    While not wanting to admit it, Reolleh ends up not quite being able to cope with his assignment. And his superiors pressure him to hold out until he discovers some of the Twin Suns' higher leadership. He tries to get through it but ends up drinking, taking spice and spending a lot of his free time gambling to take his mind off things.   Unfortunately this also puts a heavy strain on his relationship with Tabeth'eh, or Tabby as he started calling her.

  • 6 ATC

    Pulling Out
    Life, Relationship change

    Reolleh decides to pull out, both from his undercover job and his relationship.

  • 7 ATC

    Back into Familiar Waters
    Life, Organisation Association

    Reolleh is assigned to return to the Black Sun, and he's readily accepted back in - most thinking he either had sat off his time or just escaped prison.

  • 8 ATC

    Convenient Promotion
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Reolleh arranges for the death of his Vigo, and claims the rank for himself.

  • 9 ATC

    An Old Fire
    Life, Relationship change

    While in the process of smoking out a persistent Exchange cell, he runs into Tabby again who proves to actually be an imperial citizen at base. They let their relationship reignite even though she's not all together at terms with him seemingly having hooked up with a new criminal group.   Still, a few months later they end up breaking up again after another huge fight - his lack of commitment becoming an apparent issue once more, along with Tabby discovering he's also kept his relationship with Kori this whole time.

  • 10 ATC

    Abrupt Re-assignment
    Life, Organisation Association

    There's a rising concern that Reolleh might be going native for real, and his superiors decide to have him leave the Black Sun rather abruptly despite his good success in feeding them information on the syndicate.

  • 11 ATC


    Reassurance for the Future
    Life, Identity

    Reolleh creates his own alias of Cror Grenwolf, a rather unremarkable citizen born on a neutral planet, that he assigns most of his actual savings and resources to. He doesn't tell his superiors of it but also isn't too concerned of them finding out either.

  • 11 ATC


    Rare Opportunity
    Life, Organisation Association

    The CBSI gets a rare opportunity: on Nar Shaddaa they manage to entirely uncover an Exchange cell called The Seven – including getting the identity of its Maven – and decide to put them out of commission and replace them with their own agents.

  • 11 ATC


    Back to the Start
    Life, Organisation Association

    Reolleh is asked to brush up on his Mando'a and prepare to infiltrate a mandalorian clan. He decides to use his actual real name once ready to get involved with Clan Beviin and joins it through a marriage with Riann Kas.

  • 12 ATC


    The Defector
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    On his way for the rare check-up at the Exchange cell's headquarters, Reolleh encounters a chiss woman in distress.

  • 12 ATC


    End of the Seven
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    The Exchange cell unexpectedly falls under attack by imperial forces led by Darth Flaye, who were just searching for the defected chiss woman.   Reolleh is captured during his attempt to keep the imperials busy so the rest can escape, but even so two of six of his agent friends are killed. He's interrogated extensively by the Darth and then to his own surprise released.

  • 13 ATC

    Uncomfortable Surprises
    Life, Relationship change

    The adoptive son of his boss on Dromund Kaas, Ve'ren, is found roaming the Kaas City downtown streets with a gang of undesirables. Reolleh simply takes the boy by the scruff of his neck and drags him back to his home.

  • 15 ATC

    Mental Breakdown
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    A massive disaster on Dromund Kaas leads to the CBSI cell having to abandon their work and flee. The concurrent string of mishaps, misfortunes, losses and problems end up being the last straw for him. It culminates with his affair with his boss' wife being discovered once they're back on Coruscant.   Due to being judged too mentally unstable, Reolleh is forced to relinquish his agent role and is instead assigned to regular freighter work to keep his days busy and mind off things.


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