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Miruani’mi’nuruodo "Nimin"

This young chiss wears what can be best described as a permanent frown. He has a short and square stature, with steel blue skin and sable black hair that’s kept combed back. A pair of deep scars mars his face, as does an aloof expression. He seems reluctant to look you in the eyes and keeps his face slightly turned away.
  Nimin is a young but knowledgeable planetologist who was considered set up with a bright and promising future as the named inheritor of the occupation and title of his adoptive father, Nithnu. It came as a great surprise for everyone when he suddenly volunteered to offer his services and expertise to the Sith Empire, and left family and friends behind just two weeks later with little to no word.   And to their knowledge it’s where he’s been ever since.  

Recent Events

Nimin has previously tried getting himself off the drugs that had been forced on him. He wasn't prepared for how badly his health deteriorate and did his best to hide it from others.   The fickle croke Akran Maat, on the basis of a somewhat poorly worded wish, entirely cleaned his system from them. The shock not only threw him back into rakghoul form but also made his withdrawal acute and very severe. He suffered a psychosis which caused delusions, hallucinations, mood swings, altered perception and paranoia. Eventually the delusions and derailing mental health got the best of him. He lost himself entirely to his rakghoul “self” and the conviction he’d become a mindless monster.   It took several people to sedate him and force him back onto the drugs to get him back to some form of status quo, and it wasn't until then it became evident to those around him what kind of fate truly awaited him in the near future. Ever the savior complex, Samronarth has put aside his training for the time being to find out a means to cure Nimin.  


Today, most of his family and friends wouldn’t even remotely recognize him. He was known for being low-key and polite, but also certainly less stuffy and more prone to daydreaming than most other Chiss that went into imperial service. But after Taris, once he finally appeared back almost two years later, he was like a whole different person.   He had turned into a misanthrope, being trite and aggressive even towards old friends and acquaintances to the point of pushing them away. It was alright as one stayed on work-related topics, but anything of more personal nature was just off the grid now. His surroundings soon noted that the quieter he became, the angrier he was, often ending a conversation by simply refusing to speak further about the topic that upset him.    


Nimin looks deceptively older than his biological age, and most would guess him to be somewhere in his mid-twenties. He’s also quite short, and together with a foursquare phenotype and muscular build he looks very compact. His skin is normally a steel blue but grows paler or more saturated in shade depending on the oxygen level around him.   He has a rounded face with high-set cheekbones, a hooked nose and thin lips. Hooded, solid red eyes with a luminous quality and no visible iris or pupil. Thinly marked, low eyebrows and a heavy eyebrow ridge, and the faint crease between them, give him a naturally frowning look. He has small rounded ears. The sable black hair is tidily kept at medium length and slicked back.   Two deep scars form a cross just below his right eye. One starts at the hairline on the right side of his forehead, crosses the eye and runs down beside his nose. It goes across his mouth and end near the centre of his chin. The other stars just before the right ear, crosses the other scar before going up over the top half of his nose and then continues past the left eye all the way to the left ear.  
Nimin: Apparel
Outdoor expedition outfit.
  Nimin has a deep voice, although tend to be soft-spoken or outright mumbling, especially when either nervous or angry. While left-handed he seems able to use his right hand as well for most tasks that don’t require fine motorics. The luminous, red eyes lack a visible iris and pupil.  


Unless it’s absolutely blazing hot, Nimin will insist on wearing long-sleeved shirts with high collars and heavy-duty trousers. While he does own a set of regular civilian’s clothes in wrinkle-free fabric, with a pair of low shoes, he seldom wears them because he finds them uncomfortable.   When outdoors, he prefers to wear practical and durable clothes suited for the region he’s in. Most commonly it consists of a durafiber jacket and gloves, a thick toolbelt and rugged boots with steel-reinforced toes. In colder climates he might add a thinner under-jacket, a sweatshirt, underpants, thicker socks and thicker gloves.   He does avoid hats and hoods whenever possible, as they’d mess with his hair.  




Nimin lived with his adoptive parents Nithnu and Nima, and their two children Nibimu and Lyunu. He was considered holding good relations to all but perhaps Lyunu, who had already moved out and taken up military training with the CEDF by the time he was taken in. He only met her on a few occasions and their relationship remained superficial and conventional.   Nibimu on the other hand he went along well with, as they both studied xenobiology but with different specializations, and both accompanied Nithnu on a few easier expeditions in learning purposes. They spent a lot of their free time together and was perhaps the one Nimin confided the most in despite him holding a far more traditional mindset.     From his biological family, Nimin only knew of Other, Ichaln and Oscia and probably only because Nithnu was an old friend of the former. Nimin quickly ended up thoroughly hating Other and wishes him misfortune and an embarrassing death.   He spent a lot of time with Ichaln and Oscia, as he and Nibimu at times lived with them when their parents travelled for work. While he found Ichaln’s more relaxed way of living welcoming, Nibimu seemed to try stay away with friends as much as possible. That she was in fact his half-sister wasn't something he was let in on until about the age of 10.   Through Ichaln, he also couldn't avoid getting to meet the self-absorbed croke Akran Maat once or twice.  

Imperial Co-workers

During his service in the Sith Empire, Nimin got to know quite a few men and women involved with both the military and their intelligence. He spent much time educating troopers to deal with hazardous environments, deal with local wildlife, and to personally head out and scout foreign terrain.   Agent Elix Dakotja was someone he got along well with and gave him some extracurricular training in firearms and self-defence to compliment his very basic CEDF training. Two others he often hung out with during off hours was Jac Vellis and Demaia Chode, both part of the imperial military and the trio were often part of the same team in different operations.    

Ixian Associations

After the Taris incident, Nimin’s world got turned upside down to say the least. For months he was isolated from people he knew at an unknown location and surrounded by less than scrupulous scientists like Natalya Hirano, Vicarta Abernathy and Elis Coudna. He only briefly got acquainted with other inmates there, who contrary to him appeared to have volunteered to get there – three from the military and one agent.   He didn’t get out until surprisingly enough requisitioned by no other but Darth Flaye and was after that caught in his and his apprentice’s service for the coming year and a half.  

Recent Acquaintances

Since the operations on Yavin IV, things took a turn for the even crazier, and Nimin got to meet a plethora of new people by trying to escape his latest master and find Ichaln by accompanying the strangest Sith he’s ever met: Samronarth.   The Sith’s association with traitors of the Empire like Sorcsha Emeran, or clear Jedi and Republicans like Euforia, Cairn Trah-Moren, Master Boewulf, Master Wesker, and Tia Ladazi was of much less concern than the Sith’s own seeming infatuation with his half-sister. Nimin still remains suspicious of Samronarth's true intentions regarding her.  

Special Abilities

Nimin has good spatial awareness, and a strong sense of orientation.   Like all chiss, Nimin has a limited capability of seeing into the infrared spectrum in addition to normal sight. He has very pliable vocal chords and is able to mimick a range of sounds that'd normally be difficult for humans to do. An active metabolism keeps him trim and his body at a lower than normal temperature (around 34°C/93.2 °F), but also requires him to eat more than a regular human.    




After finishing his basic schooling on Napropar at the age of 8, Nimin chose to walk in the footsteps of his adoptive father Nithnu and applied to Sapla's University of Natural Sciences.   As it aligned well with his estimated optimal career choices he was easily accepted and soon found himself studying xenobiology with planetology as his specialization. Later on he added xenozoology to his curriculum, staying an extra year before graduating and earning his scientific license at the age of 12. When assigned to Imperial service, this was translated to a doctoral degree in planetology.   Before taking work he spent another half a year on a basic CEDF-issued training meant to prepare civilian individuals for working in more dangerous conditions in the company of military personnel.  


Nimin worked for the Imperial Intelligence Agency and Imperial Military, where his exact assignments varied. It ranged from educating troops in dealing with hostile environments, to accompanying the imperial reclamation service on expeditions, to performing preliminary scoutings and surveys for imperial forces on planets such as Hoth, Taris and Yavin IV.   He had only in official service for about a year when the incident on Taris occurred and he subsequently was gone for several months. After his reappearance, he returned to military service for another year and a half, although this time he sat under the thumb of a powerful Darth.


All of Nimin's equipment is currently stored on Samronarth's shuttle "The Bantha", in a locker in one of the downstairs cabins. The top shelf of the locker holds a ceraglass briefcase. On the hangers is a black, thick durafiber jacket with dark brown, leather reinforcements, a heavy toolbelt with numerous pockets and holders filled with tools, and a standard-issue blaster rifle missing a power pack. At the bottom of the locker is a durafiber bag sharing space with a pair of knee-high, rugged boots with durasteel-reinforced toes.   Outside the locker, a talking aid collar is kicked in under the bunk bed.  

The Durafiber Jacket

This durable jacket holds a surprising amounts of pockets, with an even more surprising amount of items in them. Most larger pockets have traces of bird seeds in them.   Jacket's Contents
A cioral clock made of brass.
An analog compass made of brass.
3 Nutribars.
1 Packet of chewstim.
1 Water canteen.
2 Holocoms, one of them one-way.
An old model, durable datapad.
2 Datacards.
1 Comb.
1 Tiny tissue box.
4 Packets of instant caff powder.
A lighter made of brass.
A handheld voice recorder.
2 Fish hooks.
A set of pincers of varying size.
An assortment of tiny plastic bags and vials.
A multipurpose geological sensor device.
A pair of thin leather gloves.
A tiny box with disposable surgeon's gloves.

The Heavy Toolbelt

A broad leather belt with numerous pockets and holders.   Toolbelt's Contents
1 Multitool.
1 Vibroknife.
1 Liquid cable dispenser.
1 Roll of mesh tape.
A pocket full of pencils.
15 Clip-ons for rope.
5 Flares.
2 Flashlights: 1 for forehead, 1 handheld.
1 Pair of macrobinoculars.
1 Pair of goggles.
1 Aqua breather.
1 Tiny shovel.
1 Tiny hatchet.

The Durafiber Bag

The durafiber bag is grey-brown in color and looks durable despite the obvious wear. It has two smaller leather handles for carrying it in hand or as a backpack, and an attachable longer handle for carrying the bag over a shoulder. Four side compartments and the actual inside means plenty of space. A hidden compartment in the bag's lining hides his Imperial Agency ID and access card, and two encrypted code cylinders. Other than that, the bag holds the following:   Bag's Contents
1 Set of civilian's clothes (deep red/black, wrinkle free).
1 Pair of low shoes.
2 Baggy sweatshirts.
3 Pairs of socks.
1 Rain overcoat.
1 Thin under-jacket.
1 Pair of sunglasses.
Small Bag: Contains toiletries, a small handheld mirror and a number of pill bottles (supplements, painkillers, anti-motion sickness, unknown "AVL-12", anti-cold and anti-heart arrhythmic).
A field medpac.
2 Packages of bird seeds.
1 Package with mineral stones.
Unfoldable Box: Turns into a small portable terminal.
10 Datacards.
1 Power recharger.
1 Power pack.
2 Energy cells.
A credit chip holding about 3000 credits.
A watertight, foldable bag that can hold 200L.
A can of insect spray.
A thick thermoblanket.
A cloth bag holding a sketchbook, a handmade wristband with colored beads and two pictures.

The Ceraglass Briefcase

The briefcase is made from a metal framing with dark glass sides that allows one to hint the contents inside if looking closely. It has two separate compartments, each accessible on one side of the case. They are both locked and require the slicing skill to unlock. The inside on the compartments are filled with a dark grey, soft plastic foam with cut-outs for each object.   Inside the first compartment is an advanced datapad consisting of two frames pulled apart to start a holo-display between them. Near it is five tiny, round droids about the size of a baseball each. There’s also three heavy leather-bound notebooks, a magnifying monocle, two ink pens, and a tube acting as a safe container for twenty vials filled with a clear liquid.   Inside the second compartment is a specialized medical diagnostics device, an electric collar with a remote control, a blood test kit, a tubular syringe with a thicker needle, three normal syringes, a tube containing vials with Nimin’s rakghoul serum and a hidden tracking device.
Occupation Planetologist, Xenozoologist
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Doctor in Planetology
Year of Birth
0 BTC 15 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Shadow child of Illy and Other.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Red, hooded. Luminous with no visible iris or pupil.
Sable black, in a medium-long slick back.
163cm / 5'4"
66kg / 146lbs
Known Languages
Cheunh: Native
Minnisiat: Advanced
Rammocate: Basic
Galactic Basic: Intermediate
Binary: Basic


Back in the Ascendancy, Nimin was gifted three Rdavan Birds by Ichaln, which he named Cseni, Eymh and Isha. He brings them along whenever he can, is very protective of them and has probably spent more hours talking to them than to other people.  


Ever since a kid, drawing has been one of his main hobbies and he consider it his best and foremost outlet to express himself. Although, he's so far never shown anyone much of his art and it remains hidden away in his private flimsiplast drawing pad.


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