Mathius Astin Lierik

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Mathius Astin Lierik (a.k.a. Hooge)

This elderly man has an air of confidence and authority about him. He has keen, attentive amber eyes and wears a shrewd look on his face. For someone his age he is especially fit and healthy.
  The person who initially presented himself as “Hooge”, captain of the “Lucky Nova” (Tavin's Rose), has proven to be far more than he initially was trying to make an impression of. He was captured by Ryss'kasa'vae alongside his four crew members and two pirates hailing from the Akura's Pirates band the The Catchpole initially had been looking to shut down.  


Once confronted by the Sith commandeering the vessel he is held prisoner aboard, about his connections as well as the discrepancies in his behavior, Astin dropped trying to act as a petty criminal or unlucky spacer and let more of his real personality show. He knew playing pretend would only get him that far once the Sith had decided to start digging deeper for information, and it served neither of them if he chose to be persistent.   Astin speaks in a deliberate manner, in a bated and croaky voice. He carries a clear rimmer’s accent and common spacer’s slang regularly creeps into his vocabulary without him reflecting on it. But it sure is miles better than the stronger, slurry, cut-off one he faked initially, which too was rife with even more slang and cusses.  


A month locked inside a pirate’s hideout, with limited access to water for washing – let alone drinking for that matter – has left Astin both smelly and grimy, looking far worse than even during his days in prison. He clearly appears bothered by his own unseemly, disheveled exterior.   His face is narrow and weatherworn, with deep lines, dark spots and a number of fading scars. The shape of his chin and jawline lends to an angled look, with the sharpness of it enhanced by the straight, shoulder-length hair and rich beard. Only a few streaks of the original glossy black hair remain while the rest has gone a steel grey in color. A light redness marks his cheekbones and the hooked nose.   Hints of elaborate tattoos peek out from beneath the collar and sleeve ends of his shirt. Around his fingers and wrists are subtle marks suggesting he wore jewelry recently.  


Although stained and dirty now, Astin’s choice of finer fabrics and more business-like cuts remained a stark contrast to the street clothes worn by the rest of his group. Dark, creased trousers from weaved, thick textile is paired with a red and black pinstripe shirt with long sleeves. Atop the shirt he wears a buttoned up, thin vest of a similar dark cloth as his trousers. Knee-high, undecorated boots made from a reptilian hide completes the picture.   When outdoors, he augments his apparel with a long and heavy synthleather coat in black, and a matching hat with a three-pointed brim. A thin belt held a few pouches and a sheath fitting for a hand-length knife. It could be assumed that the only holster-harness found, holding two slim pistols (one blaster and one slugthrower), belonged to him as well before being stripped off his person by one of the pirates.   2500 credits and some chewing tabac was all that was found in the belt pouches.  


During the interrogation conducted by the Sith aboard the Catchpole, Astin begrudgingly revealed having had at least temporary dealings with the Black Sun. He claims to have been blackmailed into extort pirate bands into handing in unpaid debts to the gang, and Akura's Pirates was one among them. He has also confessed to having at least a former ties to The Exchange syndicate.  


Official records list Astin as one of three adopted children of the rich columexi pair Valden Martín and Grace Lierik, the former who during Astin’s childhood was president for the widely successful FarStar Trade Corporation. After both parents passed away, the company came into the care of youngest of Astin’s adoptee siblings, Chalene Inette Lierik. She appears still living on Columex with her family. His third adoptee sibling, Andon Dayne Lierik, passed away in cancer in 9 ATC and left two adoptive kids of his own behind to care for his legacy.   Astin himself, besides unsubstantiated rumors of having had an affair with the moff he murdered, has left nothing that shows him having kept any long-term relationships. Or of having any children of his own, adoptive or otherwise.  


Astin is the oldest of three adopted children to the wealthy corporate giant Valden Martín Lierik, president of the FarStar Trade Corporation. While the oldest of the three was getting groomed to succeed their generous father, and the middle one went into finances, Astin decided to break the mold completely by applying for SecForce schooling and also decided for a year of official military training alongside it. A choice that his adoptive parents and surrounding family expressed major reservations for despite becoming considered the school’s best cadet of his age group and passing all tests with flying colors.   Once he got his diploma in 34 BTC, Astin was applied for work at the Columexi Planetary SecForce and was assigned as an officer in the precinct close to his home region. That he chose to stay local was clearly of great relief to his worried family, and he soon enough became a source of pride due to his outstanding service already early in his career. His precinct's crime rates dropped drastically in the next couple of years - and while most praised his seemingly sharp instincts in catching even the most elusive culprits, some remained very suspicious of his unusually high arrest rates.   Still, the fact he cleaned up the streets and kept them so was enough for most to look past the sneaking suspicion that he either was a part of, or associate with, the Exchange known to have nestled deep into the planet in the past years. And neither did anyone really have an interest in investigating his connections any deeper either. Astin was rewarded for his efforts by being promoted to Chief Detective late in 27 BTC.   When the reconstituted Sith Empire decided to re-emerge and began their conquest along the Tingel Arm and Rimma Trade Route, Columex were among the earliest to defect to its cause. Most of its armed SecForces - Astin's precinct included - were force recruited into their military to serve in the up and coming war. He was only assigned to the continuing Tingel Arm Campaign for a year before catching the attention of a minion of Dark Councilor Ekkage.  

The Red Legion

Astin was reassigned for half a year of specialist training and then put in the Red Legion special forces unit. His new job became to take part in small strike teams sent to slip past enemy lines to assassinate key targets in order to soften up the enemy before the main army made their move. He continued on showing himself being talented, reliable and efficient, which led to a quick rise in the ranks once he had proven being sympathetic to the imperial cause.   By the age of 30 he was a Captain and led his own strike teams up until the unit was dissolved shortly after Darth Ekkage herself along with the majority of her legion was captured or killed by Republic forces. Astin's and two other teams had been in deployment elsewhere at the time. The remaining Red Legion members were reabsorbed into the regular military and most ended up assigned below Moff Ritva Gatt.   While the former red legion soldiers proved useful on several occasions, they clearly ended up the odd ones out within the new regiment, with unconventional tactics and methods that didn't quite get across that well with the other officers despite giving good results. At least the Moff herself appeared more concerned with those good results than with convention and Astin became more and more frequently a person she relied on for advice. Most expected him to sooner or later get further promoted under her lead.   The event that led to his dishonorable discharge and imprisonment came unexpectedly and as a shock for everyone who knew him.  

Moff Gatt’s Murder

At dawn the 17th of Welona, 20 BTC, Captain Astin Lierik was arrested for the murder of Moff Ritva Gatt. The trial was swift: He was found guilty of first-degree murder of a superior officer. His personal gun found at the scene of the murder ending up the decisive evidence that felled him. Astin was sentenced to life in prison, originally to be served out on Ziost but the location was then unexpectedly changed to the remote wasteland prison planet of Bnach. Both his former Red Legion squad mates and his family remained convinced of his innocence and fought for a re-trial several times, but there was little to be done when nothing concrete could be found to counter the prosecution’s evidence.   Not long after Astin had been shipped off, General Viktor Corlius took over Gatt’s title as Moff. And the whole event was then quieted down. All of the former Red Legion soldiers that had served under Gatt refused to go over to Corlius command. Some transferred to other regiments, while a few just appeared to vanish into thin air.  

Bnach Prison Break

Despite being cut some slack on Bnach in comparison to most of the non-human inmates, surviving those seven years records show, slaving away in the stone quarries, was considered a rare achievement. Most would only last two to three years before succumbing to the conditions, getting killed by a fellow inmate or ending up the victim of a work-related accident.   Most of the reports from the prison are short on detail, but those that do exist paint a picture of a strangely exemplary inmate that overall appears to be considered agreeable by the guards and respected by other prisoners. All up until the facility he was locked up in unexpectedly came under attack the 10th of Welona, 13 BTC. Its security forces were not in the least prepared for the supposedly hidden prison planet be found, and least of all its defenses slipped past, by well-armed raiders. They wasted no time, rushing through the facility as if knowing its layout and security system perfectly well.   Reinforcements had no time to assemble and arrive before the raiders were done. Astin and two other prisoners were gone, as were the raiders. The rest of the building’s entire staff and prisoner population were found slaughtered.   Except for a single, near-dead guard officer stapled to the wall in the main entrance hall, hung beneath a crudely painted Exchange emblem.  

Twenty-Seven Years Later…

After having been gone from Empire Space for near three decades Astin makes a sudden reappearance along the Salin Corridor trade route, making a strange deal with a host of Black Sun gang members as they work on expanding their territory. Using a ship of the gang’s choice, Astin and a select crew of his own choice set off to skip trace a number of pirate groups they had been racketeering for money in exchange for being left alone by the Black Sun.   Akura Crowfoot, leader of the first pirate group he was set to collect from, decided to be greedy enough to refuse paying up and instead threw the group of five in a jail cell while deciding what to do with them. Despite his daring move to defy the Black Sun, he still was too afraid to outright kill his “guests”.   Astin and his group were stuck among the pirates for a month, before being avertedly freed when the pirates’ hideout fell under attack. They grabbed what they could find of their equipment and whatever else of use they passed by while their captors were busy and then considered their options. It was not the Black Sun who had come to teach the pirates a lesson, nor was it Astin’s own friends.   When seeing imperial strike crafts though, Astin felt especially pressured to get away – being found and caught again would for sure not end well for him, nor the rest in his group. Rushing for the docking site they managed to find the small freighter they had arrived with. But as they prepared to leave the ship was also boarded by two of Akura’s pirates also trying to escape. Too pressed for time and not interested in risking a shootout aboard the ship, they were let aboard.   Shortly after managing to slip away from the scene undetected, the two pirates decided to make themselves a nuisance. Astin’s group were disarmed, and one of the pirates would prove to be especially bothersome and unwilling to listed to simple logic and reason. Once clearing the asteroid field Akura’s Pirates utilized they happened upon what looked like a bulk freighter that had gone astray from the shipping lane. Despite Astin’s attempts to make the nerfheaded pirate see reason, he was forced to make contact and when confirmed it was supposedly disabled, attack.   The trap Astin had anticipated was sprung. It took seconds for the bulk freighter and its sudden reinforcements to cripple the light ship and reel it in so its crew could be taken into custody.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Formerly Captain
Year of Birth
52 BTC 67 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Keen and attentive, amber in color
Originally glossy black, but most has shifted to a steel grey
176cm / 5'9"
61kg / 134lbs
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic
Meesa Caulf
Smuggler's Cant

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