Marithe Korênt'h

Written by Shimantha

Lord Marithe Heziel Korênt'h

Physical Description

Body Features

Normal height and as well-toned musculature as required for a noble. Dark red skin, sulfur yellow eyes. Six spurs frame his face and he’s fortunate enough to just have four fingers on each hand. He does have ten toes though.   He’s got scales on his forehead, cheekbones and chin. His upper arms, elbows and shoulders are also supporting scales. He’s got spurs on his knees, pointing downward.

Facial Features

Jewels enhances his long nose and both nostrils are pierced and has rings.

Identifying Characteristics

Four fingers on each hand and downward spurs on his knees.

Special abilities

Has premonitons of the immediate future.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Phasl as the oldest child of two.   Was married to Yshe Ausra’Tek and has one child with her, daughter named Fahrâh, 13 who’s at Korriban. Has a mistress on Ziost, Tehzia Korênt’h, and have one son and one daughter with her, both children are on Korriban.   Marithe is a very rich man, good looking and have a pleasant voice that he uses well. He keeps to himself in the healing wing where he develops synthblood for the Blackstar army using slaves and prisoners to get the perfect results.   His goal in life is to rid the Empire from impurities and to enhance the Sith Pureblood as a species.   He has started with his wife who was stained by Kyrians, that are now one with the Force. His daughter is kept far away from such influence. His true allegiance has been known to a small amount of people, the current Darth is one of them. Nathalene Ausra’Tek another.


Ethnical and historical education on Ziost
Sith training on Korriban
Inquisitors education on Korriban - battle healing
Additional education on Ord Radama - biological origin

Accomplishments & Achievements

Got hit Lord title by killing Lord Tzack.

Failures & Embarrassments

Married a Kyr-follower

Intellectual Characteristics

He has the ‘charm’ of a Korênt’h and the special ability of knowing how to see seconds in advance of what to come.

Morality & Philosophy

No morals.
"If you want something - grab it."

Personality Characteristics


Rid the galaxy from Kyrians


Typical Sith Pureblood "rituals"


Family Ties

Mother: Khâlat Korênt'h
Father: Samul Korênt'h
Brother: Ghendh Korênt'h (deceased)
Daughter from marriage: Fahrâh Korênt'h
Mistress: Tehzia Korênt'h
Daughter from mistress: Ozigâ Korênt'h
Son from mistress: Chahtsâ Korênt'h
Nephew: Iserah Na'amh

Religious Views

Pays tribute to the Dark Side of the Force

Occupation Master Healer
Sith Pureblood
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sith Lord
Year of Birth
28 BTC 43 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Sulfur yellow eyes
Pitch black hair, neatly kept in a short hair-cut
Aligned Organization
House Blackstar
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Character Prototype
Alan Rickman


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