Kzern Travak

Written by Shimantha

Lord Kzern Travak

"Sammy..." Kzern chuckled and again the corners of his eyes crinkled. "All dem Sith need powerbases." He winked. "All o dem."   He placed his right forefingers long sharp claw to a piece of meat and pierced it. As some blood ran down his finger he said,   "Yah gotta do moor than frell an war, man. Yah gotta plan fer tha futur. Whatche been doing fer twennysix yers?"

Physical Description

Body Features

Kzern stands a little shorter than the average human, 164cm, but has an incredibly buff and wide frame. Together with his heavy set, powerful figure and broad shoulders it has him give a rather square impression. He doesn’t seem like someone easily moved if he doesn’t want to.

Facial Features

Sith tattoo that covers his cheeks and chin.
Iridonian clan-tattoo on his skull and upper back/shoulders.

Identifying Characteristics

A full Krayt-dragon tattoo crawls around his upper body from his left collarbone (head) down to his groin (tip of tail) Front legs are visible on his upper arms, where the claws seem to dig themselves in.

Apparel & Accessories

Prefers deep-red armor without widening shoulder pads and mantles.

Specialized Equipment

Uses his Zhabooka and a single saber.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kzern was born to Reeket Ullid and Blakah Travak, and raised on Iridonia within the clan Tir’Ullid together with his three sisters and one brother.   At young age, he proved to be a rowdy boy. He was discovered to be Force Sensitive at a very early age though and was sent to study under a Sith master until he was old enough to enter the Sith Academy on Korriban. During his time as an acolyte to Sith Lord Harrigan Verent he learnt to focus his wild nature in order to pour his energy into a given task. His master wanted him to take advantage of his immense strength and dense frame however and thus ensured Kzern would receive a warrior’s training during his time at the academy. Combined with his speech defect that made most of his speech a hard to interpret thick and guttural mess, it did seem the best course of action for the young Zabrak.   Past his time at the academy he served as an apprentice to Harrigan Verent, until he at the age of twenty-two became the instrument of the older man’s demise and according to Sith tradition inherited his now former master’s title, status and assets. He did not get to hold his glory for long however before he drew the attention of a Rattataki Darth by the name of Shimantha Xanadu. Having preferred to be on his own he refused to swear allegiance to her when she craved it, but was instead defeated by her and forced into her fold. Death or servitude, and Kzern there had chosen to live to fight another day.   When Darth Shimantha’s older apprentice Ghendh Korênt’h decided to break free from his master and found his own house, Kzern took the opportunity to rid himself of his chains to the Darth and instead swore loyalty to the uprising apprentice that recently had received the title of Sith Lord. Contrary to hope though things did not turn for the better under the wing of Lord Korênt’h, the madness simply continued in a different format. This had Kzern eventually turn to the alcohol in order to manage and to get his mind off things and he became known as an avid cantina visitor and a regular at House Raptor’s social events. So much that at times his own duties suffered.   He was again quick to change loyalties when Katos Theral revealed his plan of slaying Ghendh and taking over the house. And now that the madness of Xanadu’s legacy appears to finally stop haunting him, the Zabrak warrior has started pulling himself together again in order to become an Overseer of the new House Theral that his House Lord could be proud of.


Ethnical and historical education on Korriban
War education on Korriban
Officers education on Ziost (Strategy and warfare)
Political education on Ord Radama
Diplomatic education on Dromund Kaas


Apprenticeship at House Verent (Lord Harrigan Verent)
Campaigner at House Xanadu
Internal Relations Officer at House Korênt'h (Dromund Kaas)
External Security Monitor at House Theral (Ziost)

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ended a twenty odd years of constant drinking.

Failures & Embarrassments

Got beaten by Darth Xanadu

Morality & Philosophy

Easy going, likes a laugh and a game of sabacc.
When he make up his mind, things happen.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Loves spiced and slightly grilled red meat.


Contacts & Relations

Srithe Massai - Business partner and old friend

Family Ties

Clan: Tir'Ullid
Father: Reeket Ullid
Mother: Blakah Travak
Three sisters

Religious Views

Pays tribute to the Iridonian God; Nath

Social Aptitude

Kzern seems to be unpolished and inept in larger companies as he is to the point and rather blunt. When it's called for, he makes an effort and shows his high education and refinement.


Due to a very short lingual frenum, Kzern pronounces words a bit differently and his words sounds muddy and thick.

Occupation External Security Monitor
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sith Lord
Year of Birth
32 BTC 47 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Dark orange eyes with a red rim.
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Ul'zabrak (Native)
Galactic Basic
Character Prototype
Peter Dinklage


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