Kith'ari Korênt'h

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to Lord Quhul and Lady Tragia Korênt'h in the family's House on Ord Radama. An older brother, Lord Chidâ, serving the Dark Council as a middle echelon officer, and a younger sister, Setmo, serving as a Warrior in the battlefields.   As a minor branch of the Korênt'h bloodline, Kith'ari's family holds domain over a fifteenth of the planet's cultivable wetlands, producing vast quantities of rice and other cereals that help feed the Sector and its neighbourhood through the use of more than a million-strong slave labour force, several food processing industrial centres and a freighting fleet. Aside from that, the family possesses a few boutique food and legal recreational drug businesses.   Kith'ari was born a weak premature baby and their parents were concerned enough to consider sacrificing it. He showed enough fighting strength in his crying and skittishness that his mother called him Kith'ari, an arcaic corruption of the Sith'ari term. Once he overcame his initial physical weakness his naming was officially confirmed despite some amusement among his kin.   Somewhat quiet and very studious, nevertheless he grew a capable fighter under the tutelage of the House's Masters of Arms and Inquisitors, demonstrating an aptitude for the Alter Arts of the Dark Side. Kith'ari showed to be a natural in the field of mathematics and programming, soon experimenting with the application of the Unifying Force's precognitive and postcognitive perception to signal intelligence and cryptography, all that while being tutored on the more pedestrian matters of managing the familial business.   As a minor member of a prestigious dynasty, on Korriban he had access to the full Sith curriculum. He was also assigned minor assistant instructor duties, which gained him the envy and animadversion of his peers. He first met Vizzal T'enara there, by then a healer in training and a promising student of Dark Side esoterics and history. Perchance they would meet again during a stint as an Inquisitor lead on Alderaan, where he found her talents being wasted in prosaic matters.

Current Location
Sith Pureblood


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